Zone GT: the best approach disc just got better

Zone GT: the best approach disc just got better

The greatest approach disc on the planet just got even better.

Five years after being floated as a joke by Discraft team manager, Bob Julio, fan excitement reached the point where Discraft was inspired. 

On Friday, October 27, Discraft is introducing the Zone GT in two concepts. Fans will then get to decide which concept is the best by purchasing the Zone GT Battle Pack and voting. Battle Packs are available for purchase at

The GT stands for “groove track” which gives players a natural thumb track for a better grip when throwing, leading to maximum spin, control, and distance. Discraft has introduced two other putt and approach discs over the past 20 years with a groove top: the Banger GT in 2005 and the Ringer GT in 2017.

These two molds are the inspiration for the two Zone GT concepts.

Though both have the “GT” designation, the Ringer GT and Banger GT have distinctly different groove designs on the top of their respective flight plates. The Ringer GT’s thin, subtle groove sits near the rim, while the Banger GT features a wider, thumb-width groove farther toward the center of the flight plate.

The new PDGA-approved Zone GT will have one of these two groove-top designs, and it’s up to disc golf fans around the world to decide which version is better. That’s the mold Discraft will send in for approval before officially going into production.

Both molds have the consistent and dependable overstability of a standard Zone, but the Ringer GT top holds straighter for a brief moment longer than the Banger GT concept. By no means is the Ringer GT top anywhere near understable, the Banger GT top is just a touch more overstable than its counterpart.

The majority of players using the Zone as a forehand approach disc are going to prefer the Ringer GT concept. The smaller groove, paired with its distance from the rim, offers a more natural sidearm grip point for increased comfort in the hand. 

Backhand dominant players will love the Banger GT top. The thumb track sits perfectly on the flight plate where the thumb goes on a standard backhand grip, increasing spin on release and raising the confidence of whoever is throwing it.

Regardless of preference, both concepts can be thrown forehand or backhand. Whichever mold Discraft ends up mass producing will be a disc players will need to add to their bag. Make sure your favorite concept is the one that wins by purchasing a Battle Pack at and don’t forget to vote!

Blog by: Jacob Arvidson

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