Zone GT Battle Pack

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Taking inspiration from the Banger GT and Ringer GT, the Zone GT Battle Pack is here and is the ultimate test to help Discraft determine which disc will be PDGA approved and become a stock Discraft disc! This is a hands-on, immersive experience where you become the judge and give your insight on what product hits the shelf! The purchase of this product gives you a Test Flight Zone GT in two concepts in Discraft's Z plastic.

Initial results show:

  • The Banger top is slightly faster and more stable
  • The Ringer top is slightly slower and less stable
  • Both have a unique but comfortable feel in the hand

Each disc comes with a unique QR code. This isn’t just a standard product tag—it's your passport to being part of disc golf history. Simply scan the QR code, and you'll be taken to Discraft's dedicated product research survey. Here, not only will you get to cast your vote for your preferred Zone GT, but you'll also have the opportunity to share insights via a short-answer survey. Your feedback is crucial, and Discraft wants to hear all about your experience, from the grip and glide to every throw and upshot. NOTE: Foil and disc color are random and weights will be assorted. Please add requests to the product notes. Each pack comes with a Zone decal sticker and a battle pack card.

Customer Reviews

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Jonathan Sanders
Zone/Ringer GT

It is awesome!!

Nick Richardson
Banger Zone is the best

I know discs are getting more and more expensive... But the prices are ridiculous. Why is plastic this much? Makes no sense! Thanks for making quality products though.

Ethan Ryan

Zone GT Battle Pack

Shane Dilley
Ringer and the banger zone battle pack

Love both disc but I choose the banger love the glide she has for a beefy disc both fun played 36 holes and let some buddy throw then thanks for this awesome opportunity