The Finale - Wave 4 preview: Drivers

The most anticipated drop of the year is upon us.


This year it’s bigger and better than ever before. We couldn’t just call it something simple like Wave 4. No, we needed to give this drop a name worthy of its grandeur: The Finale. 


This year’s highlight drop contains 25 molds and two specialty sets with a wide variety of putters, midranges, fairways and distance drivers. We’ve brought you some old classics in brand new plastics for the first time, some popular discs with special colors, and a collection of custom commissioned stamp designs that are sure to blow your mind.


To help you sift through all the amazing options and choose the perfect discs for your game, we’ve analyzed each driver mold to tell you how it flies, what it looks like, and what makes it special so you can be prepared when the discs go live at on July 26.


We’ve separated The Finale into putters and midranges, drivers, and specialty sets. Let’s take a look at the drivers next.



ESP Sparkle Glo Undertaker - This fairway driver has a moderately overstable flight, but is great for battling the wind. It holds a hyzer line well, but can also be thrown flat to provide a high-speed turn before fading out with an overstable finish. It is popular for both forehand and backhand players with a comfortable rim grip. These Undertakers have a slight give in the hand and feel comfortable on release in the tackiness of the ESP plastic. The Glo portion makes this run vibrant at night but also maintains the consistent overstable fade at the tail end of flight. The stamp features “Undertaker” in the midst of a menacing storm cloud as lightning strikes, thunder claps, and a raging sea torments a brave seafaring vessel below.

Midnight ESP Heat - Originally introduced to the world during Discraft’s Ace Race in 2014, the Heat is an understable fairway driver with supreme glide, a small outer rim and a domey flight plate. It is especially controllable for slower arms and brand new players and can be manipulated to fly on hyzer-flip lines as well as finesse shots and straight-line pulls. These Heats are menacing in both stamp and color. The blacked-out ESP plastic partners with a 3-D depiction of open-palmed hands holding a ball of fire. A closer look at the flames reveals the word “Heat” flowing through the tongues of fire. The ESP plastic provides a tacky feel and added grip and increases the glide in this run.

Two Color Big Z Mantis - The Mantis stormed onto the scene in 2013 as Discraft’s Ace Race prototype disc. It quickly became a niche favorite for its controllable, understable flight. This fairway driver can be maneuvered through the woods on several different angles. In addition, its domey flight plate gives extended glide and is famous for adding extra distance with minimal effort. This run lacks nothing in glide and has a touch more high-speed turn in the Big Z plastic than standard Z plastic runs. The 2-color stamp makes the artwork pop as a large-scale Mantis towers over the city below.

ESP Swirl Vulture - The Vulture is an overstable fairway driver. It is known for its controllability and is generally referred to as a well-seasoned Punisher. The Egyptian hieroglyphic-themed stamp gives this run a unique look in the swirly opaque plastic. These Vultures have a small dome, overstability, tacky grip, and an extra amount of glide.

UV Z Raptor - The Raptor is an overstable fairway driver capable of fighting strong winds. It has a flat flight plate and comfortable rim depth for both forehand and backhand grips. The UV plastic is special because these Raptors change from clear and uncolored to a beautiful magenta when exposed to any sunlight. They are very overstable, like most standard Raptors, and have the same beloved, slick Z plastic feel in the hand with quality durability.

Two Color White ESP Raptor - The Raptor is an overstable fairway driver capable of fighting strong winds. It has a flat flight plate and comfortable rim depth for both forehand and backhand grips. The intricate, multicolor design of a front-facing bird of prey graces the front of these discs. Three levels of strategically-colored feathers, an unfazed gaze, and the addition of the Eye of Providence make this run awe inspiring and special. These Raptors are stiff and tacky.

Z Sparkle Glo Reaper - The Reaper is an out-of-production fairway driver with extreme overstability. Though not used for big distances, the Reaper’s predictable fade makes it perfect for accurate hyzer shots. These Reapers are even more overstable than previous Ledgestone runs. The Sparkle Glo adds beauty, night-golf potential, and extra overstability all at the same time. 

ESP Sparkle Glo Passion - The Passion is a neutral-to-understable fairway driver perfect for a precise and straight flight. Designed specifically for Paige Pierce, the Passion features a unique and pronounced outer rim with an almost Banger GT feel underneath. It is very similar to the old-school Discraft Cyclone. These Passions have a beautiful shimmer and even glow in the dark. The ESP plastic is quite grippy and the uniquely-shaped rim is stiff while the inner flight plate has some give. This runs holds true to the stereotypical straight flight of most Passions, but has an added overstability factor making them extremely torque-resistance and perfect for hyzer-flip-to-flat shots in the woods. The stamp features three crossed swords wrapped neatly in a wide ribbon with leaves.

X Swirl Force - This max distance, overstable driver is built for big arms looking to throw far. The Force’s heavy overstability allows it to resist turning over, even at high speeds. On anhyzer angles, this disc works hard to flex out and fade at the end of its flight, maximizing flight time and distance off the tee. This run keeps it simple with a generic Discraft logo stamped across the center of the disc and “2023 Ledgestone Edition - X Swirl Force” in smaller font below. The X Force is our very own Nate Heinold’s forehand disc of choice.

ESP Swirl Nuke - The Nuke has been dominating courses around the globe since 2009 and has become one of the most popular distance drivers in the world. This high-speed driver sports a thick, wide rim and holds its overstability even for power throwers. It is a popular choice for both forehand and backhand shots. Discraft’s second-to-none swirl game in the ESP plastic is once again a masterpiece in this run. A tacky feel and a small flexibility within the flight plate make these Nukes a nice pickup for Discraft players with power. The stamp shows an open-mouthed skull carrying the word “Nuke” in its teeth with a backwards “N”.

Ti Scorch - The Scorch is an understable driver with an overstable finish. It is famous for providing signature “S” flights and can be handled by players of all skill levels. The slightly domey flight plate allows for added glide and increased distance even at slower speeds. This is the Scorch’s first time in Titanium plastic which is the combination of Z’s durability and ESP’s grip. The unique, Japanese-themed stamp features Mechagodzilla and Katakana-styled lettering.

Blog by Jacob Arvidson

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