X Swirl Force

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This max distance, overstable driver is built for big arms looking to throw far. The Force’s heavy overstability allows it to resist turning over, even at high speeds. On anhyzer angles, this disc works hard to flex out and fade at the end of its flight, maximizing flight time and distance off the tee. This run keeps it simple with a generic Discraft logo stamped across the center of the disc and “2023 Ledgestone Edition - X Swirl Force” in smaller font below. This X Swirl plastic is incredibly grippy and can be described as a mix between ESP Swirl, Flx and X plastic. The original X Force is our very own Nate Heinold’s forehand disc of choice. This was part of a run of 1000 discs. NOTE: You are selecting your general swirl color, weight and foil. The exact color will vary slightly from the picture. Here is the flight chart for the Force:

Speed: 12
Glide: 5
Turn: 0
Fade: 3
Discraft Stability Rating: 2

Weight Range: 150g-174g
Rim Width: 2.3cm
Rim Depth: 1.2cm
Height: 1.7cm
Diameter: 21.1cm

Disc Use: Distance Driver
Plastic Types: Big Z, ESP, ESP FLX, ESP Tour Series, Jawbreaker, Pro D, Titanium, Tour Series ESP, Tour Series Z, X, Z, Z Metallic, X Swirl
Date Approved: 2/21/2008
Recommended Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced, Pro

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Mike Q
X Swirl Force

An amazing looking disc and feels great in the hand. Has awesome grip and way more tacky than a regular ESP. Pretty Stable for me with a slight finish at the end. I thought it would be more overstable but most Forces for me are just stable. I'm sure it would be Over Stable for most.