Understanding DGA: Plastics

Understanding DGA: Plastics

Hey Ledgestone Fans! Let’s talk about DGA’s plastics. 

With double-digit variations of plastic blends in DGA's lineup, keeping it all straight can get exhausting. Furthermore, in the case of DGA, many players have limited knowledge of what is offered in molds, let alone in plastic types.

Below we’ll explain each plastic type and how it affects grip, feel and appearance so you can be more confident on the course and in your next purchase from shopledgestone.com.


D-Line (DL)

Of DGA’s stock blends, DL is the most inexpensive. With that comes a drop in durability, but a significant increase in grip. In this baseline plastic, discs will season quickly to find a sweet spot of stability much faster than premium plastics. This plastic is similar to the old Pro-D from Discraft. A great choice in the DL plastic is the Breaker.

  • Stone - The Stone blend falls between the DL and PL in terms of durability. It is designed specifically with putters in mind, and has enough long-lasting qualities to take repeated hits from the chains. The Stone plastic is much stiffer than DL and has a slightly tackier grip. For players looking for a rigid and durable putting option, this is the go-to plastic. A great choice in Stone plastic is the Steady BL.

  • Proline (PL)

    Hardy and long-lasting with a tacky grip, the PL blend from DGA is one of two premium plastics offered by the manufacturer. PL discs will beat-in faster than the other premium blend (SP), but still will hold the intended flight characteristics well into the disc’s life. Durability and enhanced grip are the calling cards of PL plastic. A great choice in the PL plastic is the Quake.

  • PL Swirl - This blend is the same as PL in terms of everything but appearance. The multicolored swirl pattern within the plastic makes it gorgeous to look at which is why this blend was used for Team DGA’s 2022 Tour Series discs. A great choice in the PL Swirl plastic is the Hurricane.
    • PL Flx - If you’re looking for PL plastic, but with more give and flexibility, the PL Flx blend is your answer. This blend is great for colder conditions because the plastic maintains its ability to absorb impact without cracking. A great choice in the PL Flx plastic is the Breaker.

    Sparkle Line (SP)

    This is the most durable and longest-lasting plastic in DGA’s lineup. SP discs are transparent-translucent and, as the unabbreviated name implies, they feature hundreds of tiny sparkle flakes suspended throughout the plastic. This is easily the prettiest blend to look at. The plastic is a bit slicker than its PL counterpart, but can stand up to the toughest of abuse on the course. A great choice in SP plastic is the Rogue.

  • Color Shift - Exactly the same as SP, the pigments in the plastic manage to change colors depending on the angle and amount of light that is shown on them. A great choice in the Colorshift plastic is the Hypercane.
  • Tour Series Swirl - This blend takes SP, subtracts the sparkles, and adds in swirls of PL, sacrificing nothing in durability, but making this the most eye-popping and prettiest plastic DGA offers. A great choice in this plastic is the Pipeline.
    • Midnight Glow - Also without the sparkles, this stiff and highly-durable blend has glow-in-the-dark properties and is exclusive to DGA’s Midnight Flyer series. The most recent release in Midnight Glow plastic is the Sail.
    • Ice/Special Blend - Once again using the SP base minus the sparkles, this stiff blend is ultra durable and boasts an almost complete transparency, very similar to Discraft’s CryZtal plastic. A great choice in the Ice blend is the Squall.

    Signature Line (SIG)

    Nothing else on the market has a texture like DGA’s SIG plastic. The tacky, rubber-like feel is the gummiest and most flexible in the game. No durability is lost in its flexibility. Folding this disc in half won’t change the shape or flight characteristics. This straight-flying blend with incomparable grip eliminates ground play altogether. The most common example of DGA’s SIG plastic is the one-of-a-kind Blunt Gumputt.

    Blog by: Jacob Arvidson

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