Understanding DGA: Molds

Understanding DGA: Molds

Hey Ledgestone Fans! Let’s talk about DGA’s molds. 

In the case of DGA, many players have limited knowledge of what is offered in molds, so it’s our job to familiarize you. Like the other name brand manufacturers, DGA has an extensive lineup of putt and approach discs, midranges, fairways, and distance drivers. This collection of discs work together to fill almost every hole in a disc golf bag.

We’ve broken each mold down into the four common throwing categories and provided a brief description so you can head straight to shopledgestone.com to pick up your newest disc with excitement and confidence.


Putt and Approach

  • The Blunt Gumputt (along with the Blowfly 1, Blowfly II, and Powerdrive Gumputt) is part of a series of neutral-to-understable throwing putters in the SIG blend meant to mimic a traditional catch frisbee in super flexible and durable plastic.

    • The Steady is DGA’s most popular putting putter. It is a beaded, neutral-to-stable putter with a predictable finish. Named in honor of disc golf’s founder, “Steady” Ed Headrick, this mold is even more popular in its beadless version: the Steady BL.

    • The Breaker is the go-to approach disc for Team DGA. Its flat flight plate and low profile make it natural for both forehand and backhand shots while its overstable characteristics are incredibly dependable.


    • DGA’s most understable midrange is the Tremor. This 6-speed disc has strong glide and is great for touchy, low-speed turnover lines.

    • The Squall features a thinner rim for increased comfortability. It flies with a touch of understable turn, but also holds true with a predictable fade.

    • The do-it-all midrange in DGA’s lineup is the Rift. This disc will fly whatever line you put it on and has a comfortability in the hand to match.

    • The slightly-overstable DGA midrange slot is filled by the Aftershock. A microbead increases the dependability of an overstable finish and adds torque-resistance.

    • The Quake is a workhorse, overstable midrange. Great for both forehands and backhands, the quake can handle any torque to push forward with a strong fade.

    Fairway Drivers

    • 2x World Champion Catrina Allen’s move to DGA in 2022 brought with it the addition of a new fairway driver. The Vortex is a low-speed control driver with strong glide and understability, making it a turnover specialist.

    • The shot-shaping specialist of DGA’s fairway drivers in the Undertow. This 10-speed has high-speed turn with a predictable finish, perfect for carving up lines in the woods.

    • Pinpoint accuracy comes with the Pipeline. Straight and controllable, this 8-speed disc has strong glide with a true flight.

    • As an overstable version of the Pipeline, the Banzai takes the same straight flight and adds a heavier fade. This disc can handle the torque of both forehand and backhand shots and is great for hyzer-flips down tunnels.

    • The Avalanche is a brand-new edition to DGA’s lineup. It features a low profile with heavy fade, but also produces high-speed turn and can be manipulated to fly many different lines.

    • Major overstability and minimal glide are the calling cards of the Hellfire. A super predictable wind-fighter, this disc is a great utility driver and is also perfect for overhand shots.

    Distance Drivers

    • The Sail is a hyzer-flip-to-turnover specialist and perfect for slower arm speeds to achieve a full flight. Its heavy understability makes longer distance shots achievable for newer players. For stronger arms it can also be used as a roller disc. 

    • The Tempest is a high-speed, understable driver with strong glide and a predictable finish. This disc is great for long, full flights and pushing turnovers for max distance in open space.

    • The Rogue is a faster version of the Undertow. High-speed turn with a predictable finish makes the Rogue a strong candidate for any distance woods lines.

    • The fastest disc in DGA’s arsenal is the Torrent. This 14-speed has a thick rim and an overstable finish, but maintains high-speed turn and strong glide to bring maximum distance into play.

    • The most popular distance driver for Team DGA is the Hurricane. It is the farthest flying disc DGA produces, but is also usable by all skill levels. Low speed arms will find it to be quite overstable and closer to a utility disc, while advanced players will be able to maximize the glide with high-speed turn before utilizing its overstable finish.

    • The Hypercane is similar in shape and feel to the Hurricane, just with added overstability. Slower arm speeds will struggle to get this disc to fly properly, but advanced players will bring max distance into play in any conditions and will be able to trust in the Hypercane’s strong fade. 
    Blog by: Jacob Arvidson

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