Twelve Days of Ledgestone Announced

Twelve Days of Ledgestone Announced

Starting December 12th Discraft and Ledgestone are happy to announce the “Twelve Days of Ledgestone.” We will be making one new announcement each day from December 12th through December 23rd. Twelve exciting announcements will be made in regards to details for the Ledgestone family of events in 2023. In addition, new to the slate for the 12 Days announcements this year: each day will include a special sale/discount or giveaway at the Ledgestone Retail site. December 12th will kick off our special sales with a 30% off sale of all apparel at the site and a special donation to the Paul McBeth Foundation. 100% of the profits from all website sales on December 12th will go to the Paul McBeth Foundation. Dustin Leatherman, Executive Director of the Paul McBeth Foundation, has enjoyed a close working relationship with the Ledgestone group and sees a lot of synergies between the McBeth Foundation and Ledgestone. "Currently we have a team in Uganda installing two disc golf courses. This project was only made possible due to the unmatched generosity of Ledgestone. Ledgestone has been a key partner from day one, and have been critical to the success of the Paul McBeth Foundation. We are excited to partner with them in this new way as we look to share disc golf with the world,” finished Leatherman.


The special deals and sales will take place on specific days:


  • December 12th: 30% off apparel at the Ledgestone site AND we will also be donating all website profits from this day to the Paul McBeth Foundation
  • December 13th: Special Ledgestone Mystery Box giveaway; Ledgestone December mystery box drop
  • December 14th: 10% off sale for EVERY product at the Ledgestone site (on top of other discounts)
  • December 15th: Captain’s Raptor Giveaway; release of the 2023 Captain’s Raptor
  • December 16th: 20% off sale for Ledgestone edition discs
  • December 17th: 20% off Zuca carts at the Ledgestone site
  • December 18th: Any purchase of $40 or more gets a Discraft GRIP6 belt
  • December 19th: New Ledgestone Team member disc release
  • December 20th: 20% off sale for any Bushnell item at the Ledgestone site
  • December 21st: 2022 DGLO items (discs and apparel) will be 40% off
  • December 22nd: 35% off 2022 Tour Series discs
  • December 23rd: $100 purchase gets a $20 gift card; $150 purchase gets a $30 gift card; $200 purchase gets a $40 gift card, and so on


What kind of things can you expect to hear about with this announcement? “We plan on announcing several partner deals, the course schedule, player pack details, the 2023 Ledgestone disc release schedule and many other exciting announcements,” said Nate Heinold, Ledgestone TD. The team will be going all out for the 2023 Ledgestone event with record turnout expected.


The Ledgestone event in 2023 is expected to generate a professional payout of over $150,000, spurred by the fundraising prowess of the Ledgestone team. “2023 will continue Ledgestone’s place in the sport as one of the best payout events of the year. We will continue to invest significant resources into making sure our touring pros can stay on the road and compete,” said Heinold. The event expects to add a Ledgestone record amount of added cash to the pro purse in 2023.


The event will once again utilize a tiered registration process for MPO and FPO players. Early Amateur and Age Based Professional registration will open 1/1/2023 at 6PM CST for anyone who sponsors a hole or for anyone who purchases a special LE pack of discs. Amateur registration will be available starting 2/14/2023 for all amateur divisions. Age based professionals will be able to register starting 2/21/2023. The Amateur and age based professional divisions will have their registration here.


The tournament will be charging spectator admission fees at the MPO and FPO courses. All registered AM and Age Based pros will have the ability to purchase admission tickets at a discount when they register for the Ledgestone event. The pricing model will be as follows:


  • $20 daily admission fee
  • $70 weekly admission pass (includes a disc and a shirt)
  • $100 VIP pass (includes a spectator pack)
  • $275 Elite VIP Pass (includes player meet n greet and spectator pack)


Spectator registration will take place here.


The 2023 Discraft Ledgestone Open will take place August 3rd through 6th in Central Illinois. The tournament is grateful for the support of the many park districts and local government entities who help make this event happen. Stay tuned for the 12 Days of Ledgestone!  

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