The Zone OS - Certified Beef from Discraft

The Zone OS - Certified Beef from Discraft

The flight numbers on the Zone OS spell out B-E-E-F.

Discraft’s revolutionary new approach disc is in a category of its own. To call this disc “overstable” would be an understatement. There is truly no other low-speed flier on the market that compares to the Zone OS.

As popularity soars, these discs are becoming harder and harder to find. Shop Ledgestone has a large stock set aside for this very reason with a wide selection of colors and stamp foils.

The Zone OS currently comes in two plastics. In early March 2023 it was first released in Discraft’s premium Z plastic where the bright colors are made extra vibrant by the translucency. Shortly thereafter, it was released as Brodie Smith’s 2023 tour series disc, this time in the ESP swirl plastic.

The 2023 Tour Series Zone OS is very grippy while still maintaining maximum durability. The tacky feel of the plastic gives confidence to the thrower no matter the conditions. The rim is stiff, but the flight plate has a slight bit of give. It’s nowhere close to being flexible, but it’s also not completely rigid. This adds to the comfortability factor in the hand.

The tour series run is extremely overstable as previously mentioned, but is ever-so-slightly less overstable than the Z run. This means that on a powerful anhyzer release, this Zone OS run will hold the angle long enough to push forward for added distance.

With the 2023 Tour Series version, the ESP swirl run features a unique bottom stamp inspired by Smith’s Darkhorse brand. The stamp depicts a winged horse flying through the night sky with stars, the moon, and chains setting the background scene. The bottom stamp allows for a clean flight plate to show off Discraft’s one-of-a-kind swirls.

The Z runs are just as durable as the tour series release, if not more. The clean, block stock stamp keeps the focus on the shot this disc is expected to execute each time it’s thrown. Even in the stereotypical, slick-feeling Z plastic, these discs still maintain a small amount of tackiness in the hand. Much like the tour series run, these also have the slightest hint of flexibility.

As far as overstability is concerned, the Z Zone OS is even a touch more overstable than the tour series run. It has the ability to fight out of the steepest anhyzer angles, making it hands down the most overstable approach disc money can buy.

The majority of disc golfers looking to try a Zone OS will have had experience throwing Discraft’s original Zone. This new, overstable version of the Zone has many similarities, but also a few differences.

In technical terms, the Zone OS is 2 millimeters taller than the Zone. Though a small measurement, it’s large enough to notice a visual difference when the two are held side-by-side. The Zone OS also has a higher parting line, which makes sense considering its extreme overstability.

When held side-by-side with a Zone, the Zone OS also has a noticeable boxiness to its upper rim. While the bottom wing of the rim is angled almost identically to the Zone, the top is not. The original Zone has a much rounder curve to its top edge, where the Zone OS has a much sharper and square-shaped curve. 

The most glaring difference is in flight. When thrown hard and flat, the Zone will push forward and display a small amount of glide before fading hard. The Zone OS, on the other hand, will exhibit almost zero glide and head straight into its fading arc immediately upon release. Even on a normal anhyzer, the Zone OS rotates into its fade also immediately compared to a regular Zone.

The stock stamp of the First Run Zone OS spells it out perfectly in the flight numbers. This disc is BEEF.


Blog by: Jacob Arvidson

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