Strength Personified: Kratos has arrived

Strength Personified: Kratos has arrived

Kratos is the Greek personification of strength, the gaming God of War, and now Paul McBeth’s newest release at Discraft.

The Kratos becomes the seventh mold in the Paul McBeth line joining the Zeus, Luna, Malta, Hades, Anax, and Athena. All are inspired by Greek mythology and the Kratos continues that tradition.

Falling into the 3-speed putter category, the Kratos is a beaded complement to the Luna. With trusted overstability, it is designed to be both putted and thrown by players of all skill levels.

Shop Ledgestone has a large collection of Kratos prototypes set aside to provide players with plentiful options of both color and foil combinations. 

The Prototype Kratos is being released in special Rubber Blend plastic. This soft-plastic blend is similar in grip, flight, and durability characteristics to Jawbreaker but without the signature, marble-patterned look. Instead, the Rubber Blend is produced in generic pastel colors. It is a popular alternative to Jawbreaker because of its increased gumminess and flexibility while still maintaining the same tacky grip.


The Kratos is Discraft’s first shallow-beaded putter and slots into the manufacturer’s putter lineup between the Luna and Challenger OS, falling closer to the Luna in stability. With almost identical measurements to the Luna, the beaded rim is what truly separates the two. 

A beaded disc has an additional bit of plastic molded to the bottom of the rim creating a small ridge or lip. Beads vary between different molds and manufacturers, but generally add a few millimeters to the height of a disc and provide a different grip.

The beaded rim of the Kratos separates it from a standard Luna in terms of flight, allowing it to push straighter for longer. This means a higher amount of glide, giving players more distance with less effort.

Another flight differentiation from the Luna is the fade. Though the Luna has clear overstability at the end of its flight, the Kratos dumps even harder at the end. This lends itself specifically handy on longer approach shots where a sharper, more spiked landing is required.

The feel of the Kratos in the hand will help gain the new mold a quick following. The rim depth sits at a comfortable 1.4 centimeters. For players who prefer a shallow putter, the Kratos will be a great fit. 

Now add in the beaded rim and the Kratos has a strong fan base. Many players feel beaded rims add consistency and increased spin on release. Because it’s the first shallow-beaded putter from Discraft, players will fall in love with the Kratos immediately.

Comparisons with the Luna will only continue as the Kratos floods the market because the Kratos truly is a beaded version of Discraft’s best-selling putter. The base mold is even the same for both discs. Players will notice the test flight and prototype Kratos releases feature the “Luna” tooling along the inner rim.

In Greek mythology, Kratos was one of four siblings who stood guard at the throne of Olympus and carried out the bidding of Zeus. The Paul McBeth line’s newest putter continues that tradition. Let your Zeus dominate the air of the fairway and watch as the Kratos finishes the job on the green.


Preorders for the Kratos are available now at Shop Ledgestone.


Blog by: Jacob Arvidson

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