Putters in "The Drop"

Hey Ledgestone fans! The largest, most anticipated drop of the year is here. It’s so big that we’re simply calling it “The Drop.”

For Wave 5 we have some of the sickest, most awe-inspiring molds and designs you’ve ever seen. From Discraft’s swirliest run ever produced, to the St Jude Greek Coin McBeth collection, to the return of the Grateful Buzzz, this drop has anything and everything you’ve ever wanted.

As our best drop yet, it’s also our largest. To help you wade through all the amazing options, we’ve analyzed each disc to tell you how it flies, what it looks like, and what makes it special so you can be prepared when the discs go live at www.shopledgestone.com on August 4th. 

To start, we’ve separated the discs into classes: Putt & Approach, Midrange, Fairway Driver, Distance Driver and Charity Set. In this blog we’ll highlight the Wave 5 putt and approach discs so you can attack both the green and the basket with authority and confidence.

Big Z Flx Banger GT - The Banger GT is a fairly low-profile, beaded putter with a unique groove top providing natural thumb placement for any player’s grip. It has a straight flight with an overstable finish and remains a favorite for approach shots and arcing, hyzer-style putts.

This Big Z Flx run adds ultra flexibility to a mold which tends to be relatively flexible to begin with. This will help eliminate ground play on approaches and inspire confidence on the green. These Banger GTs will have the standard opaque and pearly look of all Big Z as well as the trusted durability.

CryZtal Flx Sparkle, Uli CryZtal, CryZtal Glo & Z Swirl Zones - The Zone is Discraft’s most popular approach disc. Good for both forehands and backhands, this extremely overstable mold can handle whatever torque is put on it and always provides a reliable finish to its flight, no matter the angle.

The CryZtal Flx Sparkle zones in particular will have quite the visual appeal. The transparent, glass-like look of CryZtal, combined with the tiny flecks of sparkles throughout, will make this run very eye appealing. As for flight, these will fly with the consistent overstability of a zone long into their lifespan. They will be much bendier and more flexible than standard zones which will limit ground play significantly.

The Uli CryZtal will inspire extra confidence in overstability because of the CryZtal plastic. More importantly, expect the signature, glass-like transparency that has made CryZtal runs so highly sought after for their visual appeal. This run of the Zone came out incredibly flat with a hint of being puddletop. With a classic Paul Ulibarri stamp and a special TWO-color foil design, this run will look just as good as it flies. Proceeds will go to help support Ulibarri’s tour.

Combining the CryZtal and Glo plastics will make this Zone run extremely overstable, limiting glide and increasing wind-fighting confidence. These Zones glow in the dark when exposed to UV or bright light and sport the popular transparency of CryZtal plastic.

The Z Swirl run of the Zone sacrifices nothing in the overstability department and  wind to fade exactly as it’s designed to do. In fact, these particular Zones have a significant puddletop, making them some of the most overstable Zones ever produced. Compared to a standard Z Zone, the Z Swirl plastic lends an added tackiness to the feel of the disc and provides increased grip. In addition, the translucent Z plastic paired with Discraft’s signature swirl game provides a stunning appearance.

DGA Flx Swirl Breaker - DGA’s number one approach disc is the Breaker. This overstable putter is perfect for fighting the wind and handling powerful torque from high-speed arms, making it a prime choice for both forehand and backhand shots. The low profile and flat flight plate make gripping the Breaker comfortable. Produced in a much more flexible plastic than standard Breaker runs, these are an ideal choice for approach shots because the flexibility limits ground play. These Breakers feature beautiful swirls and look stunning both in the bag and in the air.

Jawbreaker Luna - The Luna was the first disc designed with, and for, Paul McBeth upon his arrival to Discraft in 2018. It has flourished alongside the popularity and success of the 5-time World Champion and has become one of the most-used putters on the planet. The Luna’s beadless rim, limited glide and overstability inspire confidence in both high-speed and low-speed arms. The overstability makes the Luna a popular choice for a throwing putter as well.

The Jawbreaker plastic returns a similar feel to the original prototype and first-run Lunas before the plastic was tweaked for the ensuing stock runs. The softness of the Jawbreaker plastic takes away some of the durability of standard Lunas, but adds increased tackiness and grip. This run also flies slightly less overstable, especially after extended use. Expect to see the signature Jawbreaker candy-like speckles with this run that featured two different stamps.

Uli Big Z Ringer - The Ringer is a low-profile, overstable putter perfect for both putts and approaches. The thin rim makes it easy to handle and control on both forehand and backhand throws. The overstability holds true and resists turning over, fitting into Discraft’s putt and approach lineup just behind the Zone.

The Big Z plastic makes this run extremely durable. As it beats in it becomes a touch less stable compared to standard Z runs providing a straighter flight with a hard finish. Look for an opaque and pearly appearance with a classic Paul Ulibarri stamp. Proceeds help fund Ulibarri's Tour.

Z Swirl Tour Series Fierce - The Fierce is an understable putter with a beadless rim and strong glide. It is a popular choice for long putter throws, short approaches and putting. This putter was designed specifically for Paige Pierce upon her return to Discraft at the end of 2019.

The Z Swirl edition to this popular putter lends a touch of overstability to this run compared to the common Jawbreaker Swirl and 2022 ESP Swirl Tour Series Fierce’s currently on the market. Expect a strong durability and tacky grip, much like the ESP Swirl run. The signature translucent plastic of standard Z combines with Discraft’s beautiful swirls in this run.

Blog by Jacob Arvidson

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