MPO Round 3 Recap

MPO Round 3 Recap

Who is leading MPO at the 2023 Ledgestone Open after Round 3?

1st - Cole Redalen at 22-under par

Tied 2nd - Casey White at 18-under par

Tied 2nd - Ricky Wysocki at 18-under par

Tied 2nd - Andrew Marwede at 18-under par

Tied 2nd - Calvin Heimburg at 18-under par

Tied 2nd - Ezra Robinson at 18-under par

Quote from the leader: “I’m very surprised,” Redalen said. “I thought I’d need a 5-under or 6-under par to maintain a 1-stroke lead. So to have a 4-stroke lead after shooting a 3-under is mindblowing. It’s the difficulty of finding consistency at Northwood Black.”

Game-changing moment: Redalen, Calvin Heimburg, and Ezra Robinson entered hole 10 neck-in-neck. But by the time the trio reached hole 15, Redalen had pulled away. Heimburg shot 4-over par from holes 10 to 12 and Robinson followed suit with a 5-over par stretch from holes 12 to 14. Redalen found a way to go 1-under on those same holes and emerged with a 5-stroke lead.

Summary of MPO Round 3: The ebb and flow of moving day was evident throughout the round as players jockeyed for position on a mud-covered Northwood Black. Robinson found six birdies on the front 9, but a triple-bogey on hole 2 held him back. Then Robinson and Heimburg had their aforementioned struggles to start the back 9 and Redalen found himself in the driver’s seat with a 5-stroke cushion. But a pair of bogeys and a few missed putts slowed his chance to build on that cushion heading into the final round. Meanwhile, from the chase card, Andrew Marwede, Casey White, and Ricky Wysocki methodically carved up Northwood Black and vaulted themselves into a tie for second and onto the lead card with Redalen for the final day.


Blog by: Jacob Arvidson

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