Midranges in "The Drop"

Hey Ledgestone fans! The largest, most anticipated drop of the year is here. It’s so big that we’re simply calling it “The Drop.”

For Wave 5 we have some of the sickest, most awe-inspiring molds and designs you’ve ever seen. From Discraft’s swirliest run ever produced, to the St Jude Greek Coin McBeth collection, to the return of the Grateful Buzzz, this drop has anything and everything you’ve ever wanted.

As our best drop yet, it’s also our largest. To help you wade through all the amazing options, we’ve analyzed each disc to tell you how it flies, what it looks like, and what makes it special so you can be prepared when the discs go live at www.shopledgestone.com on August 4th. 

To start, we’ve separated the discs into classes: Putt & Approach, Midrange, Fairway Driver, Distance Driver and Charity Set. In this blog we’ll highlight the Wave 5 midrange discs so your speed control and dominance of the fairways can rise to pro-level status.

CryZtal Sparkle Comet - The Comet is a low-speed, understable midrange with supreme glide. The intended flight of the Comet can be achieved at slower arm speeds, making this a popular disc for all skill types. Straight shots, hyzer-flips, soft hyzers, massive turnovers; this disc can do it all. Veteran Discraft pro Michael Johansen considers this a staple for his bag.

In CryZtal Sparkle plastic, the Comet will have added overstability. This allows increased torque and presents faster arm speeds a chance to experience the same popular Comet flight. Slower arm speeds gain more predictability and versatility from this run. These Comets have the glass-like appearance of CryZtal runs with added sparkle flakes to shimmer in the sunlight.

ESP Tour Series Swirl Buzzz GT - This is your classic Buzzz, but with a groove top. This natural thumb track increases grip and maximizes spin upon release. Pair that with the consistency of the Buzzz and this becomes a very special disc.

The Buzzz GT is a rarely run mold, making this ESP Tour Series Swirl especially unique. Expect the standard flight of an ESP Buzzz, with the same trusted grip and durability, paired with Discraft’s beautiful swirls on an opaque flight plate. This particular run features some of the most vibrant and plentiful swirls ever produced at Discraft.

Grateful Buzzz, Jawbreaker Buzzz, Midnight CryZtal Buzzz & Z Swirl Tour Series Buzzz - The Buzzz remains the most popular Discraft disc on the market. A dependable, straight-flying midrange with a consistent fade that holds any line you put it on, the Buzzz is a go-to for all levels of players.

The Grateful Buzzz returns to our inventory! Limited numbers of the 2019 through 2022 runs in the classic Supercolor Full Foil plastic are available with limited quantities. All runs have bright, vibrant and brilliantly intricate artwork covering the entire flight plate.

In the Jawbreaker plastic, the Buzzz has a much more neutral flight with increased understability as it beats in. It also provides a much tackier grip and feel than standard Z or ESP runs. These Buzzzes contain the signature, candy-like speckles that makes the Jawbreaker plastic so visually distinctive.

The Midnight CryZtal plastic visual appeal reaches a new level with the Buzzz. The transparency of standard CryZtal meets the dark and mysterious look of Midnight runs, giving these Buzzzes a powerful, black-ice sheen. In addition, this run  flies slightly more overstable than standard Z runs.

The Z Swirl Tour Series plastic brings its signature, translucent swirls to this run of Buzzz. Expect this to be slightly more overstable than a standard Z run, but with added tackiness for grip

Presnell Swirl Flx Drone - The Drone is a master in overstability. It will not turn over in a headwind and is a popular choice for forehand throwers and power backhand players because of the predictable fade. The Drone’s beaded rim and domey plate give it a deep feel in the hand. 

In the Swirl Flx plastic, this particular run of Drone has the overstability of a stereotypical Drone, but with added tackiness to improve grip and generate more spin. This run also eliminates the extra ground play of a standard Drone with its increased flexibility and bendiness. The visual appeal of this run is typical of all of Discraft’s swirl runs: beautiful and awe-inspiring to look at. Touring pro Andrew Presnell favors this midrange disc. Proceeds will go to support his tour.

Z Swirl Tour Series Wasp - This is the disc that led to the creation of the Buzzz. Considered the Buzzz’s slightly more overstable cousin, it falls between the Buzzz and the Buzzz OS in stability. Other than the increased fade, the Wasp also sports a beaded rim, differentiating it from the feel of a standard Buzzz.

In the Z Swirl plastic, the overstability of the Wasp becomes exaggerated, giving it an even more predictable fade at the end of its flight. This run features Discraft’s signature swirls within the colorful, translucent Z plastic. In addition, this run extends a slightly tackier feel to the grip compared to standard Z runs.


Blog by Jacob Arvidson

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