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Ledgestone Wave 2 Preview: Putters and Midranges

Hey Ledgestone fans! Spring is upon us and that means so is Wave 2!

Wave 2 features enough versatility between the 15 special-edition molds that you could fill an entire bag. We have putters, mids, fairways, and drivers of varying stabilities, speeds, and rim sizes. If you have a slot in your bag that is missing the perfect disc, chances are we’ve solved your dilemma with Wave 2.

To help you sift through all the amazing options and choose the perfect discs for your game, we’ve analyzed each putter and midrange mold to tell you how it flies, what it looks like, and what makes it special so you can be prepared when the discs go live at 

www.shopledgestone.com and other vendors on April 21st. 


Midnight ESP Zone - The Zone is Discraft’s most popular approach disc. Good for both forehands and backhands, this extremely overstable mold can handle significant torque and always provides a reliable finish to its flight, no matter the angle. 

The opaque, midnight-black colorway exudes power and strength. This run is set apart by a special-edition bottom stamp featuring the Zone text logo encircled by a vine of maple leaves. In the ESP plastic, this run of Zone has the predictable and consistent overstability of a standard Zone right out of the box. Even brand new, the tackiness of the ESP plastic will give players immediate control on release. As the ESP plastic beats in, these Zones push even straighter while maintaining the same predictable fade. 

Big Z Challenger OS - The Challenger OS is a beaded, overstable putter with a deep rim. The OS’s flatter flight plate adds to the stability of the regular Challenger mold. Even as a 2-speed disc, the Challenger OS is known for its resistance to high-speed turn, filling the gap between Ringers/Zones and the rest of Discraft’s putter lineup.

The tackiness of the Big Z plastic allows players to grip with confidence while the durability ensures a consistent flight long into the disc’s life. The pearly appearance of this run makes them visually appealing, but the stamp is what makes this disc a must have. Arguably the most unique stamp of the year, this Challenger OS run will feature a 2-color, Japanese-inspired design with a depiction of the fierce, yet wise, Hannya samurai mask.

ESP Tour Series Swirl Ringer GT - The Ringer GT is a versatile disc used for both putts and approaches. Its overstability allows it to inspire trust in both calm and windy conditions, fitting into Discraft’s lineup just behind the Zone. The groove top (GT) gives throwers a natural thumb track when gripping the disc to produce maximum spin upon release.

The one-of-a-kind, radiant swirls found in the ESP Tour Series plastic are ever-vibrant in this run of Ringer GTs. Expect a comfortable, tacky grip with maximized spin generated by the groove top, and, unique to this particular run, a slight pop-top. Highly durable and consistently overstable with beautiful colors, this run is a must have for approaches on the course.

Fly Dye Grateful Buzzz - The Buzzz is the most popular disc on the market. It’s a dependable, straight-flying midrange with a consistent fade that holds any line you put it on. The Buzzz is a go-to for players of all skill levels.

The Grateful Buzzz has always been an annual full foil run showing mind-blowingly intricate Michael Barnard art. Now this Grateful Dead-inspired disc genre has expanded to include a new special-edition Z run. This run features Discraft’s old-school Fly Dye with differentiating colors and tie-dye patterns like sunburst, spiral, bullseye, and Discraft’s signature flag dye.  

This Barnard-designed stamp depicts a centrally-placed side profile of a skull encircled by chains and resting on a bed of roses. In all caps, the words “GRATEFUL BUZZZ” form a cracked border while the standard dead-head lightning bolt circles separate the words.

Z Swirl Archer - First introduced to the world during the 2016 Discraft Ace Race, this understable midrange is a great disc for beginners. Its understability allows even slower arms to achieve hyzer-flip lines and drifting turnovers, while the Archer’s extreme glide pushes distance with minimal effort.

The Z Swirl plastic adds a touch of extra overstability to this run, increasing the Archer’s shot-shaping arsenal while maintaining controllability for slower arm speeds and newer players. The translucent color swirls and the special-edition flaming skeleton horse and rider stamp will make this disc pop anywhere on the course.

Fly Dye Buzzz OS - The perfect compliment to the Buzzz, this overstable midrange from Discraft fights headwinds and always delivers a predictable fade. With the exception of a slightly flatter flight plate, it feels almost identical to a regular Buzzz in the hand, with the comfortable beadless and shallow rim, adding consistency and confidence to the midrange lineup.

This run is durable, overstable, and most noticeably, beautiful. The simplistic Ledgestone edition bar stamp minimizes any distractions for this run’s main attraction: the colors. These discs feature Discraft’s old-school Fly Dye style on transparent, clear plastic with tie-dye patterns and colors like sunburst, spiral, bullseye, and Discraft’s signature red, white, and blue flag dye. Execute your midrange shots in style with the Fly Dye Buzzz OS.  

Z Sparkle Glo Drone - The Drone is a master in overstability. It will not turn over in a headwind and is a popular choice for both forehand throwers and power backhand players because of the predictable fade. The Drone’s beaded rim and domey flight plate give it a deep feel in the hand. 

The Sparkle Z plastic combined with the Glo element makes this one of the most overstable Drone runs ever released. The circular stamp design of an approaching, airborne drone at full speed portrays the speed and power with which this disc cuts through the air and fades. This run is very durable and shimmers in the sunlight with the Sparkle Z plastic. And for those who like playing at night, this run glows pretty well too.

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