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Ledgestone Wave 2 Preview: Drivers

Hey Ledgestone fans! Spring is upon us and that means so is Wave 2!

Wave 2 features enough versatility between the 15 special-edition molds that you could fill an entire bag. We have putters, mids, fairways, and drivers of varying stabilities, speeds, and rim sizes. If you have a slot in your bag that is missing the perfect disc, chances are we’ve solved your dilemma with Wave 2.

To help you sift through all the amazing options and choose the perfect discs for your game, we’ve analyzed each driver mold to tell you how it flies, what it looks like, and what makes it special so you can be prepared when the discs go live at and other vendors on April 21st. 



ESP Lite Undertaker - This fairway driver has a moderately overstable flight, but is great for battling the wind. It holds a hyzer line well, but can also be thrown flat and provides a high-speed turn before fading out with an overstable finish. It is popular for both forehand and backhand players with a comfortable rim grip.

These Undertakers are lighter than regular production runs, averaging in the mid-160’s,, making them perfect for slower arm speeds. The flight is slightly less overstable than standard Z runs and pushes straight for longer with high-speed turn for faster arm speeds. In the ESP plastic, this run is both durable and grippy. 

CryZtal Flx Machete - The Machete is a headwind-fighting, overstable distance driver. Turning this disc over is nearly impossible. It has extreme overstability but still manages to push forward for increased distance with its strong glide. The Machete is perfect for spike hyzers, long flex shots, and getting around corners.

Producing this already overstable disc in CryZtal Flx plastic makes it complete beef, and this specific run is incredibly grippy. There is no need to worry about this run lacking fade at the end of its flight. The Flx portion of the plastic does lend itself nicely for minimalized ground action upon impact. It also feels comfortable in the hand with a flexibility to ensure the best grip for any player. This run features a menacing stamp with a striking snake wrapped around two sharpened machetes and the MACHETE block lettering.

Big Z Avenger SS - The Avenger SS is a controllable fairway driver that can be perfected by all skill levels. The “super straight” version of the original Avenger, the Avenger SS has stolen its predecessor's popularity. For power throwers, it runs very understable and is a perfect roller disc. For newer to intermediate players it functions as a big distance driver with a predictable turn, fade, and superior glide to maximize air time.

The Big Z plastic gives players a tacky grip for increased confidence when releasing at full power. This run is highly durable and maintains its original flight characteristics well into its life. The pearly, opaque colors of this plastic give this run a signature sheen in the sunlight.

ESP Lite Force - This max distance, overstable driver is built for big arms looking to throw far. The Force’s heavy overstability allows it to resist turning over, even at high speeds. On anhyzer angles, this disc works hard to flex out and fade at the end, maximizing flight time and distance off the tee.

This particular run weighs in between 160 and 170 grams with medium dome, making the Force accessible to more intermediate arm speeds. Whether it’s the lighter weights or some other factor, this run is much flippier than standard ESP Force runs, giving these Forces the ability to push for more distance. Higher arms speeds will be able to flip these Forces to flat or turn them over depending on the release angle. The colorful swirls in this run are both vibrant and beautiful and will make your disc stand out on the course. In addition, the ESP plastic provides both durability and a tacky grip for increased confidence on the tee. 

ESP Tour Series Swirl Nuke SS - This high-speed, wide-rimmed distance driver is the “super straight” version of the popular Nuke. Though wide-rimmed, the Nuke SS can be handled by all skills levels. It’s high-speed turn makes it understable, but with a heavy low-speed fade. A straight-to-understable flight with a predictable finish makes this driver a contender for maximum distance.

This run is both domey and slightly gummy. It lacks the same high-speed turn of standard Nuke SS runs, giving stronger arms the ability to crush on it without the risk of a roller. At the same time, slower arm players will be able to shape whatever shot they want with this disc. The domed flight plate increases glide and pushes this run farther down the fairway. In addition, the tackiness of the ESP Tour Series Swirl plastic offers the best premium grip in the game.

CryZtal Nuke - The Nuke has been dominating courses around the globe since 2009 and has become one of the most popular distance drivers in the world. This high-speed driver sports a thick, wide rim and holds its overstability even for power throwers. It is a popular choice for both forehand and backhand shots.

Overstability is not lacking in this run. These Nukes are predictable and inspire confidence on the tee. The CryZtal plastic brings added stability to the standard Z line while increasing durability so each Nuke flies truer for longer into its life, while the ice-like clarity of the plastic makes this run stunning to look at.

ESP Swirl Crush - Overstability is a staple for this distance driver. This out-of-production mold from Discraft is primarily used by forehand players looking for predictable fade even in windy conditions. Slower than a Force or Nuke, the smaller rim on the Crush makes it a more comfortable choice for intermediate and advanced players..

This mold is only run in limited numbers by Ledgestone each year. This year’s Crushes feature beautiful halo-like swirls and lack nothing in overstability. Fighting wind and fading hard is what these discs do best. In addition to stiff rims in this run, the ESP plastic offers a tacky grip and allows shots to push up the fairway before finishing hard.

Z Glo Thrasher - The Thrasher is an understable distance driver used by all skill levels. For more recreational players, this is a trusty go-to driver for flex shots and big distance. For experienced players, the Thrasher becomes a hyzer-flip bomber or controlled turnover driver.

This is one of the best glowing runs of any disc ever produced at the Discraft factory. The colors make these Thrashers easy to find during the day or at night. This run also sports a slightly gummy feel and brings a predictable Thrasher flight fresh out of the box. The Glo portion adds a touch of stability to standard Z runs, giving these Thrashers a stronger finishing fade to pair with a more neutral mid-flight turn. This run is controllable for all levels and arm speeds.


Blog by Jacob Arvidson

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