Ledgestone Announces Wave 4 and Strives for Record Charitable Giving

Ledgestone Announces Wave 4 and Strives for Record Charitable Giving

The Ledgestone team is happy to announce Wave 4 disc releases, as well as their fundraising goal for this year’s event. As many people know, Ledgestone releases Limited Edition discs throughout the year that are available at select vendors and the Ledgestone retail website. Waves 1 through 3 of those Limited Edition discs have already been released, and Wave 4 will launch online this coming Thursday evening (7/29/21), and then in person at the tournament Sunday, August 1st at Lake Eureka. These discs are exclusive to the Ledgestone pro shop and proceeds from the sales support this year’s event and charitable efforts.

In addition, the Ledgestone team has been working with several charities over the last 8 months for this year’s event. For 2021, the Ledgestone Insurance Open aims to raise $150,000 for charity. This year’s event will be supporting (or has already supported) the following charities: St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Easter Seals, Paul McBeth Foundation, Southside Mission of Peoria and EDGE.

“Our goal of $150,000 for giving is a lofty goal, and it’s going to be tough to hit. I can’t say for certain that we can get there, but we are going to pull out all of the stops to attempt this,” said Nate Heinold, Ledgestone TD.

This year donors will have the opportunity to contribute through a unique method: Ledgestone has set up a giving platform with St Jude. The first 400 people who give a minimum donation to St Jude of $50 through this link will have early access to the Wave 4 release. The rules for those wishing to participate are simple:

  • The platform for giving is available now. The minimum donation is $50. Please make sure to input your correct name and email.
  • The Ledgestone retail website will become “password” protected 7/29/21 at 7PM central time. Anyone who gives the minimum donation will receive an email with the password.
  • You will have 15 minutes to shop at the site. You are ONLY allowed to purchase up to 10 discs. They must all be on the same order; you cannot place multiple orders. This will allow us to track this more efficiently. There will be order limits on various products.
  • The site will close at 7:15PM central time (make sure you are checked out before then). We will spend the next fifteen minutes confirming that purchases were made by donors meeting the $50 minimum. Unqualified orders will be cancelled.
  • The site will then re-open at 7:30PM central time to anyone who wants to make a purchase.


Here are the discs and products that will be released this coming Thursday!

  • Limited Edition Zuca ATV Buzzz Cart (175 made)
  • Limited Edition Zuca Compact Buzzz Cart (175 made)
  • Limited Edition Zuca ATV Buzzz insert bag for cart (50 made)
  • Limited Edition Zuca Compact Buzzz insert bag for cart (50 made)
  • Ledgestone Featured Wave 4 Release: OG Jawbreaker Glo Luna (limit 3)
  • Ledgestone Featured Wave 4 Release: Big Z Fierce (limit 2)
  • Ledgestone Featured Wave 4 Release: Uli CryZtal Zone (limit 2)
  • Ledgestone Featured Wave 4 Release: Tour Series ESP MJ Scorch (limit 3)
  • St Jude Clear CryZtal Luna/Fierce Set with Certificate of Authenticity (limit 1, only 200 pairs made, not all will be available online)
  • Uli Stamped Z Swirl Ringer
  • Uli Stamped Z Swirl Mantis
  • Uli Stamped ESP Tour Series Raptor
  • Grateful Buzzz Full Foil Restock
  • DGA Ice Squall
  • DGA ProLine Flex Steady BL
  • Restock: Z Wasp Tooled Buzzz SS
  • ESP Tour Series Les White Undertaker (limit 2)
  • Les White OG Jawbreaker Glo Comet
  • MJ OG Jawbreaker Glo Comet
  • Midnight CryZtal Buzzz
  • Rubber Blend Comet
  • Big Z Crush
  • Les White CT Jawbreaker Buzzz
  • Les White Big Z Flx Zone
  • Big Z Hornet
  • Les White Z Swirl Tour Series Mantis
  • Tour Series Jawbreaker Zone
  • Big Z Banger GT
  • Les White CryZtal Raptor
  • Ti Swirl Avenger SS
  • Les White Rubber Blend Wasp
  • Tour Series ESP Team Ledgestone Signature Buzzz
  • Discraft Character Patches: Buzzz, Nuke, Comet, Undertaker, Vulture, Predator
  • Discraft Logo Patches
  • Ledgestone Patch
  • Uli Patches
  • Ledgestone Wave 3 Release: Rubber Blend Glo Magnet
  • Ledgestone Wave 3 Release: Rubber Blend Putt’r
  • Ledgestone Wave 3 Release: Z Sparkle Machete


Thank you for the support of the 2021 Discraft Ledgestone Insurance Open and our charitable giving. We are looking forward to a great release!

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