Understanding Discraft Fairway Drivers

Understanding Discraft Fairway Drivers

Hello Ledgestone fans! Discraft has provided some fantastic molds to disc golfers around the world through their sponsorship of the Ledgestone event. This program gives access to limited-edition runs, artwork, and plastics. 


Today we’re going to bring special attention to the disc category that has given Team Discraft the ability to control the course more accurately than any other manufacturer. We’re talking about the World Leader in Disc Sports’ plethora of fairway driver options.


We’ve taken the time to break down each disc in Discraft’s fairway driver lineup so you can find the perfect fit for your game at shopledgestone.com and execute your own middle-distance shots with precision.



Anax - This overstable fairway driver from the Paul McBeth line is known for its wind-fighting abilities and predictable finish. Slower arm speeds will find the Anax to be a reliable disc for shorter drives while power throwers will be able to push maximum distance. Consistency is the Anax’s calling card. Players can find the Anax in Big Z, ESP, and Limited-Edition CryZtal.


Athena - As a straight-to-overstable fairway driver with strong glide, the Athena dominates middle distances on any course. Both controllable and predictable with a comfortable rim width, Paul McBeth’s guidance in the molding of the Athena helped this disc have a massive entrance into the market in 2022. The Athena can be found in Big Z, Z Swirl, and ESP.


Captain’s Raptor - The Captain’s Raptor is a super overstable fairway driver created for Team Discraft Captain Paul Ulibarri and is capable of fighting strong winds. This modified Raptor has the same flat flight plate and comfortable rim depth for both forehand and backhand grips, but with added stability. It can be found in two beautiful plastics: ESP Swirl and Jawbreaker Z Flx.


Cicada - With more control than a high-speed driver, the Cicada is consistently straight, yet adaptable, allowing players to shape shots with versatility. Hyzer-flips and carving up tight lines in the woods are the calling card of this glidey fairway driver. The First Run Cicada was released in Z plastic in 2023.


Cyclone - This narrow-rimmed fairway driver is controllable for all skill levels. Its long, straight flights with small high-speed turn and a gentle, but predictable, fade make this disc a favorite across generations. The Ledgestone Edition Cyclone was run in both 2019 and 2021. Though out-of-production at Discraft, the old-school Cyclone bears a strong resemblance to the modern-day Passion.


Heat - Originally introduced to the world during Discraft’s Ace Race in 2014, the Heat is an understable fairway driver with supreme glide, a small outer rim and a domey flight plate. It is especially controllable for slower arms and brand new players and can be manipulated to fly on hyzer-flip lines as well as finesse shots and straight-line pulls. The Heat can be found in many different variations beyond standard Z and ESP:


Mantis - The Mantis stormed onto the scene in 2013 as Discraft’s Ace Race prototype disc. It quickly became a niche favorite for its controllable, understable flight. This fairway driver can be maneuvered through the woods on several different angles. In addition, its domey flight plate gives extended glide and is famous for adding extra distance with minimal effort. The Mantis can be found in standard Z, the beautiful CryZtal plastic, or Big Z with the Ledgestone 2-foil stamp.


Passion - The Passion is a neutral-to-understable fairway driver perfect for a precise and straight flight. Designed specifically for Paige Pierce, the Passion features a unique and pronounced outer rim with an almost Banger GT feel underneath. It is very similar to the old-school Discraft Cyclone. There are several special-edition Passions on the market:


Predator - Popular for forehand players in particular, the Predator is relied on for its reliable overstability. This disc pushes forward with a predictable finish for stronger arms and flies closer to a utility disc with heavy fade for less powerful throwers. It is one of the old-school Discraft molds with the unique, XXXX checked cross-hatching pattern on the inner rim. The Predator slots into Discraft’s lineup as a more overstable complement to the Vulture. It can be found in both Big Z and Z Metallic blends.


Raptor - The Raptor is an overstable fairway driver capable of fighting strong winds. It has a flat flight plate and comfortable rim depth for both forehand and backhand grips. Designed to be a longer, driving version of the best-selling Zone, the Raptor can be found in multiple plastics beyond standard Z, Big Z, and ESP:


Reaper - The Reaper is an out-of-production fairway driver with extreme overstability. Though not used for big distances, the Reaper’s predictable fade makes it perfect for accurate hyzer shots. It has several similarities in feel and flight characteristics to the modern-day Athena. Ledgestone has brought the Reaper back on multiple occasions and currently has both the Z Glo Sparkle and Z Swirl runs available.


Stalker - This narrow-rimmed fairway driver is known for straight flights. Its dependability and feel make it comparable to a slightly overstable, longer-flying Buzzz. A microbead helps moderate glide and provides a slow, consistent release. The Stalker comes in both Z and ESP plastics as well as ESP Swirl and Z Metallic.


Sting - The Sting joined the Discraft fairway family as the 2017 Ace Race disc. It quickly gained a following because of its strong glide and minimal need for power to achieve longer distances. The Sting is perfect for hyzer-flips and carving up tight lines in the woods. Its slow speed makes it an excellent choice for newer players. It flies much like a faster version of the Archer and can be purchased in both Z and ESP.


Talon - The Talon is a very overstable fairway driver designed for higher armspeeds and is a popular choice for forehand specialists. The Ledgestone Edition Talon was first run in 2021 and returned again in 2022. 


Undertaker - This fairway driver has a moderately overstable flight, but is great for battling the wind. It holds a hyzer line well, but can also be thrown flat to provide a high-speed turn before fading out with an overstable finish. It is popular for both forehand and backhand players with a comfortable rim grip. It is a slightly understable compliment to the Vulture. The Undertaker is available in a variety of blends beyond Z, Big Z, and ESP:


Vulture - The Vulture is an overstable fairway driver. It is known for its controllability and is generally referred to as a well-seasoned Punisher. Power arms will be able to get the Vulture to provide a small amount of high-speed turn. The Vulture is available in multiple runs:


XL - Though out-of-production, this neutral fairway driver is still a niche favorite for many older players because of its straight flights and minimal fade. The Ledgestone Edition XL was last run in 2022.


XPress - This fairway driver is perfect for beginners because of its limited fade, understability, and extreme glide. For more seasoned players it can be a great roller option. Now out-of-production, the Ledgestone Edition XPress made a brief reappearance in 2021.


XS - The XS is a stable fairway driver that can be controlled by all skill levels. Beginners love it for its predictable fade while more advanced players trust it to provide a slight high speed turn and push for extra distance. The Ledgestone Edition of this out-of-production mold was last run in 2021.


Xtreme - This low-speed, overstable fairway driver is designed for advanced players and is useful for its heavy fade and ability to fight any wind conditions when distance isn’t needed. Though out-of-production at Discraft, the Ledgestone Edition Xtreme has been run since 2021.


Zombee - This disc debuted in 2012 as Discraft’s Ace Race prototype and quickly found a following because of its straight flight. Its thin, tall rim gives it a very similar feel to the Buzzz in the hand. For both flight and feel, the Zombee is a cross between the Stalker and the Buzzz. Whether you’re a power arm using the Zombee as a turnover specialist or a newer player looking for a consistent flier, this disc always maintains a predictable finish. The Zombee is available in both Z and Big Z.


Blog by: Jacob Arvidson

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