Finding The Best Zone For Your Bag

Hey Ledgestone fans! Today let’s talk about the most popular approach disc in the game: Discraft’s Zone.

This incredible piece of disc golf innovation is viable for all styles of players. It can be a staple in the bag for forehand specialists, backhand specialists, power throwers, slower arm speeds and technical players alike. Its versatility is unmatched by its ability to handle torque and always provide a reliable overstable finish to its flight, no matter the angle.

The predictable overstability of the Zone is consistent throughout all plastic types, but each one offers slight differentiation in either look, feel or flight. We have 15 different plastic variations available at Shop Ledgestone and are here to help you find the perfect Zone for your bag.


Swirly Soft - The soft and flexible plastic minimizes skips and ground action making this a highly sought after disc for pinpoint accuracy upshots where slopes or out-of-bounds hazards threaten an errant shot. The soft feel and tackiness of the plastic gives this run increased grip. The softness also beats in quicker than premium plastic blends, bringing the flight characteristics much closer to neutral or slightly understable after continuous use. 

This special blend has only been run once. To support Andrew Presnell, 1,500 of these Zones were produced in 2022. The swirls in this blend are typical of Discraft: bright, vibrant and beautiful.

Jawbreaker Glo - This run of Zone was produced as part of the 2022 Team Ledgestone collection to support Ben Callaway. It features a limited edition stamp with a Ben Callaway signature. The colorful, candy-like flecks that inspired the Jawbreaker name are very prevalent throughout this run. And oh, by the way, these discs glow.

The Jawbreaker Glo blend gives this run an added stiffness to standard Jawbreaker. It maintains the same tackiness and offers arguably the best grip of all Discraft’s plastic types. With increased use, this particular run will beat in to provide a much more neutral and straighter flight compared to a premium plastic Zone, but it will maintain the predictable overstable finish.

Big Z Flx - Big Z runs feature signature artwork on a pearly, opaque plastic coloration. The flight is ever-so-slightly less stable than standard Z runs, but with the same long-term durability. The Big Z Flx runs feature increased flexibility in the hand and limit skips upon impact with the ground. We have two different runs available within the Big Z Flx plastic. 

The first features Brian Earhart’s signature “Bearhart” stamp on color variations of red, orange, yellow and green. This particular run came out especially flat and especially beefy. Proceeds go to support Earhart on tour.

The second is the 2022 Ledgestone edition which also came out quite flat. However, this run is a bit softer and more flexible than the Bearhart edition.

Z - The standard Z plastic is as consistent as the Zone can get. Stiff, durable and appealing to look at with bright, translucent colors, this run is the original gold standard. We have several available featuring the never-to-be-seen again Paul McBeth 5x World Champion signature series stamp.

Z Glo - Generally considered to be one of the most overstable plastics on the market, this 2022 Ledgestone Edition Zone in Z Glo plastic lives up to the hype. This particular run features a limited-edition stamp with an outdoor theme depicting a forested landscape with a disc golf basket, a bird-filled sky and a full moon backdrop.

Z Swirl - There have been some who have called the 2022 Ledgestone Edition the most overstable run of Zone ever produced. The significant puddletop in this particular run builds on the standard Zone overstability. The Z Swirl plastic lends an added tackiness to the feel of the disc and increases grip. In addition, the combination of Discraft’s swirls and translucent Z plastic creates a visually stunning product. These also show off limited edition artwork.

Z Metallic Flx - This plastic also brings more overstability than a standard Z Zone, while the Flx portion adds extreme bendability to the general stiffness of most Zones. The added gumminess helps minimize skips, reducing roll-a-ways and unwanted ground action. The metal flecks within the translucent plastic give the bright plastic colors extra shimmer and vibrancy. The 2022 Ledgestone Edition is a limited run of only 6,000 discs.

CryZtal - The signature, glass-like transparency in the CryZtal plastic is always a visual masterpiece. The overstability in CryZtal runs is also increased from standard Z. We have two different Paul Ulibarri runs available.

The first is the Uli CryZtal Zone which can be found in neutral, base-colored plastic as well as vibrant blues, pinks and oranges. This particular run came out incredibly flat with a subtle puddletop. The limited-edition, TWO-color stamp sets this run apart.

The second is the Uli Midnight Zone. The blacked-out Z plastic is beautiful to look at and features a blank upper flight plate, while the bottom features the Ulibarri shield stamp. These Zones came out flat and stiff. Only 2,000 were produced.

CryZtal Flx - These Zones have the same look and overstability of standard CryZtal, but with increased flexibility to minimize ground play and skips. The gummier feel also adds increased grip. We have three runs available.

The first is the re-run of our 2015 Ledgestone Edition CryZtal Flx Zone. The production was so popular that we had to run it again. It features a medium-grade flexibility and a great grip. The old-school mini stamp at the top of the flight plate spells out Z-O-N-E with a 3-D diamond replacing the “O”.

The second is the Brodie Smith Get Freaky Zone. These discs became widely popular upon their release. This stock run pays tribute to the consistency, feel and high flexibility of the original drop.

The third is the 2022 Ledgestone Edition Cryztal Flx Sparkle Zone. This run is stiffer than standard Z Flx Zones, but still quite flexible. The sparkles infused in the CryZtal plastic make these discs shine. The limited-edition stamp inspires focus with a large-scale, front facing depiction of the Zone robot head.

CryZtal Glo - CryZtal and Glo are widely considered to be the most overstable of Discraft’s plastics. The combination of those all but guarantees a complete beefcake of a disc. These Zones are no exception. They feature a Ledgestone Open logo encircled by the names of each of the 12 locations used in the 2022 Ledgestone event. The signature, glass-like CryZtal plastic is attractive enough, but these also glow.

ESP - This plastic takes the durability of premium plastic and adds increased grip. The opaque, pastel coloration allows for the best and most prominent swirls Discraft offers.

The Alexis Mandujano ESP Zone run is board flat with incredible swirls and features a Texas-themed stamp as part of the 2022 Ledgestone Team Series. Proceeds go to help support Mandujano on tour.

The Ben Callaway ESP Zone run is also quite flat with a unique sheen and sports a limited-edition stamp. Proceeds support Callaway on tour.

We also have stock ESP Zones available.

ESP Flx - This run was made to support Terry Rothlisberger on tour. It features a softer version of the standard ESP plastic inspiring an even sturdier grip. The softness is due to increased flexibility which allows these particular Zones to bend and absorb impacts with the ground, eliminating skips and ground play. This run features signature swirls in a multitude of colors that have become commonplace in Discraft’s ESP production.

Ti Flx - The titanium plastic blend was created to be a perfect union between the top-line durability of Z plastic and the trusted grip of ESP. Now add in increased flexibility and this disc becomes special. The 2015 Ledgestone run was so popular that we had to bring it back for 2022. The pearly sheen of the opaque plastic boasts of the high-end material that flows through these discs. The letters Z-O-N-E are displayed boldly across the face of the disc with the cross hairs of a missile launcher cutting the “O” into quadrants. At the center of the cross hairs lies a periodic element block featuring “Ti”.

Blog by Jacob Arvidson

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