Distance Drivers in "The Drop"

Hey Ledgestone fans! The largest, most anticipated drop of the year is here. It’s so big that we’re simply calling it “The Drop.”

For Wave 5 we have some of the sickest, most awe-inspiring molds and designs you’ve ever seen. From Discraft’s swirliest run ever produced, to the St Jude Greek Coin McBeth collection, to the return of the Grateful Buzzz, this drop has anything and everything you’ve ever wanted.

As our best drop yet, it’s also our largest. To help you wade through all the amazing options, we’ve analyzed each disc to tell you how it flies, what it looks like, and what makes it special so you can be prepared when the discs go live at www.shopledgestone.com on August 4th. 

To start, we’ve separated the discs into classes: Putt & Approach, Midrange, Fairway Driver, Distance Driver and Charity Set. In this blog we’ll highlight the Wave 5 distance drivers so you can pick up a disc that flies further, straighter and with more accuracy than anything you’ve ever thrown before.

Big Z Scorch & ESP Tour Series Swirl Scorch - The Scorch is an understable driver with an overstable finish. It is famous for providing signature “S” flights and can be handled by players of all skill levels. The slightly domey flight plate allows for added glide and increased distance even at slower speeds.

When beat in, the Big Z Scorch becomes a touch less stable than standard Z Scorches, but retains the same slick Z feel and trusted durability. The opaque and pearly appearance makes it stand out on the course.

In this run, the ESP Tour Series Swirl Scorch brings the durability and tacky grip of ESP plastic, but with added visual appeal in Discraft’s signature swirls. Out of the box these discs fly slightly more understable than stock Z runs, increasing glide and maximizing turnover distance before fading out. 

Chanimal Z/ESP Nuke - The Nuke has been dominating courses around the globe since 2009 and has become one of the most popular distance drivers in the world. This high-speed driver sports a thick, wide rim and holds its overstability even for power throwers. It is a popular choice for both forehand and backhand shots.

Stamped with a unique Chandler Fry Chanimal stamp, this disc maintains the trusted overstability of the Nuke. The Z and ESP plastics provide durability to this run, ensuring the predictable overstability of this disc lasts long into its life. Proceeds support Fry’s tour.

DGA LE Swirl Hurricane - The DGA lineup’s furthest flier, the Hurricane runs slightly overstable with a touch of high-speed turn for experienced players, and overstable for newer players. Players of any skill level can use it with both forehand and backhand shots. It features a wide rim and adds distance with its strong glide.

Similar to Discraft plastics, the swirls in this run of Hurricane are a visual masterpiece. This run gives players a limited-edition stamp to make the discs extra special.

Missy Gannon ESP Thrasher & Z Swirl Tour Series Thrasher - The Thrasher is an understable distance driver used by all skill levels. For recreational players, this is a trusty go-to driver for flex shots and big distance. For experienced players, the Thrasher becomes a hyzer-flip bomber or controlled turnover driver.

The ESP plastic of the Missy Gannon Thrasher produces added stiffness, trusty durability and a tackier grip than standard Z plastic might provide. The opaque coloration makes the pastel colors of this run pop out behind a custom-designed Missy Gannon stamp. Proceeds from this run support Gannon’s tour.

The Z Swirl plastic of the Z Swirl Tour Series Thrasher adds a touch of overstability to this turnover disc, allowing for more torque and a more predictable finish to each flight. It also adds tackiness to the grip. As is custom in Discraft’s swirl production, this run has stunning, colorful swirls throughout the semi-translucent Z plastic.

Blog by Jacob Arvidson

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