Discraft Disc Equivalents - Part 2

Discraft Disc Equivalents - Part 2

Hey Ledgestone fans! We understand the struggle. You just threw a Ledgestone disc for the first time and immediately noticed how well it flew and how natural it felt in your hand.

You want more.

We understand your bag is full of a random assortment of molds from different manufacturers. You’d love to narrow that down by committing to a brand you can trust, but the long toil of testing each and every mold is cumbersome and a lot of work. 

Well, we’re here to tell you that Discraft has a disc that can fill every slot in your bag. And, more importantly, we’ve done all the research for you. Now you can make the switch with confidence. 

Welcome to Part 2 of the Discraft Disc Equivalents archive.


What disc is like an Infinite Discs Emperor?

Discraft Zeus

The Discraft Zeus is the replacement for Infinite Discs’ Emperor. This overstable distance driver can handle wind and has enough torque resistance to fit both forehand and backhand throwers. The wide rim and consistency between runs makes it the most reliable option for players looking to gain big distance off the tee. Zeus: 12, 5, -1, 3

What disc is like an MVP Envy?

Discraft Luna

The MVP Envy can easily be swapped out for Discraft’s Luna. The two millimeters of added rim depth on the Luna only increase comfortability on the green when that round-winning putt needs to go in. The Luna’s low profile matches the Envy to provide an identical, straight flight with a predictable finish. The Luna is a staple in the bags of amateurs and professionals around the world, none more prominent than the one it was custom-designed for: 6x World Champion Paul McBeth. Luna: 3, 3, 0, 3

What disc is like a Gateway Wizard?

Discraft Challenger

The Discraft Challenger is a direct swap for the Gateway Wizard. The Challenger is a slightly overstable putter with a deep, beaded rim. The smooth, rounded rim gives the disc a comfortable feel in the hand while the flat flight plate allows for an easy release. Much like the Wizard, the Challenger can be found in a variety of plastics from Crazy Tuff, to Flex, to Swirl Soft, to premium Z or ESP. Challenger: 2, 3, 0, 2

What disc is like an Innova Leopard?

Discraft Impact

The Discraft Impact is a like-for-like switch with an Innova Leopard. The Impact is a neutral-to-stable midrange with strong glide and minimal fade. The mold’s shallow rim depth makes it controllable for all skill levels, while its consistent flight pushes forward as long as it’s in the air. Now out-of-production with Discraft, the Impact can only be found at shopledgestone.com.  Impact: 5, 5, -2, 2

What disc is like a Prodigy A2?

Discraft Zone

The Prodigy A2 is naturally replaced by Discraft’s Zone. The Zone’s low profile makes it easier to handle for a wider range of players, the main reason why it has become the most popular approach disc on the market. Good for both forehands and backhands, this extremely overstable mold can handle whatever torque is put on it and always provides a reliable finish to its flight, no matter the angle. Zone: 4, 3, 0, 3

What disc is like an MVP Crave?

Discraft Zombee

A superior version of the MVP Crave is the Discraft Zombee. The super straight, midrange-fairway hybrid from Discraft brings consistency to players of all skill levels. Known as a faster Buzzz, the Zombee can hold any line it’s put on and will quickly become your go-to short-range driver. Zombee: 6, 5, -1, 1

What disc is like an MVP Proxy?

Discraft Zeppelin

Discraft’s equivalent to the MVP Proxy is the Zeppelin. First featured in Discraft’s 2011 Ace Race, this tall-rimmed putter has a wide, oversized flight plate and a lot of similar qualities to a stereotypical catch Frisbee. The Zeppelin is a callback to traditional lids and catch-style discs that can be thrown with minimal effort and can impact players of all skill levels. Now out-of-production with Discraft, the Zeppelin can only be found at shopledgestone.com. Zeppelin: 2, 6, -1, 0

What disc is like an Innova Aviar?

Discraft Roach

The seamless replacement for an Innova Avair is the Discraft Roach. The Roach's rounded rim and low profile matches the Avair to provide the same straight, consistent flight in the more reliable Discraft plastic. Like the Avair, the Roach is very versatile, making it effective as both a putting putter and a driving putter. The Roach is a neutral stability putter with a beadless rim known for its comfortable feel in the hand and its glide while in flight. It first appeared as the 2015 Discraft Ace Race prototype. Roach: 2, 4, 0, 1

What disc is like a Dynamic Discs Judge?

Discraft Challenger

A Dynamic Discs Judge can be swapped out for a Discraft Challenger, specifically a Challenger in one of Discraft’s baseline plastics. The Challenger is a slightly overstable putter with a deep, beaded rim. The smooth, rounded rim gives the disc a comfortable feel in the hand while the flat flight plate allows for an easy release. Like the Judge, the Challenger’s versatility makes it a favorite for both putting and throwing. Challenger: 2, 3, 0, 2

What disc is like a Latitude 64 Diamond?

Discraft Heat

The Discraft Heat is a like-for-like replacement for the Latitude 64 Diamond. The Heat is an understable fairway driver with supreme glide, a small outer rim and a domey flight plate. It is especially controllable for slower arms and brand new players and can be manipulated to fly on hyzer-flip lines as well as finesse shots and straight-line pulls. Though slightly faster than the Diamond, the Heat offers the same ability to give full flights to newer players, but with more control and distance. Heat: 9, 6, -3, 1

What disc is like an Innova Mako3?


Discraft Buzzz


The easy replacement for Innova’s Mako3 is the best-selling disc of all time: the Discraft Buzzz.  A dependable, straight-flying midrange with a consistent fade that holds any line you put it on, the Buzzz is a go-to for all levels of players. Given they have the same feel in the hand, the point-and-shoot style of play with turnover resistance is what makes the Buzzz a superior option to the Mako3, specifically in Discraft’s Soft Swirl plastic. Buzzz: 5, 4, -1, 1

What disc is like an Innova Teebird?


Discraft Athena


Switch out your Innova Teebird for a Discraft Athena and never look back. A straight-to-overstable fairway driver with strong glide, the Athena dominates middle distances on any course. Both controllable and predictable with a comfortable rim width, Paul McBeth’s guidance in the molding of the Athena helped this disc have a massive entrance into the market in 2022.  Athena: 7, 5, 0, 2



What disc is like an Innova Thunderbird?


Discraft Vulture


Looking for a replacement for your Innova Thunderbird? Look no further than the Discraft Vulture. The Vulture is an overstable fairway driver. It is known for its controllability and is generally referred to as a well-seasoned Punisher. The Vulture’s overstability will fight through windy conditions, but maintains enough controllability to fly straight in calm conditions as well.  Vulture: 10, 5, 0, 2



What disc is like an Innova Shryke?


Discraft Crank


To switch out an Innova Shryke for a similar mold, just pick up a Discraft Crank. The Crank is a max distance driver with high speed turn and a predictable fade. Its stable characteristics allow it to push straighter for longer before the overstability kicks in at the end of the flight. The Crank is great for hyzer-flips, turnovers and long, pushing hyzer shots. Crank: 13, 5, -2, 2



What disc is like a Discmania FD?


Discraft Cicada


The Discraft Cicada slots into a disc golf bag in place of the Discmania FD. With more control than a high-speed driver, the Cicada is consistently straight, yet adaptable, allowing players to shape shots with versatility. Hyzer-flips and carving up tight lines in the woods are the calling card of this glidey fairway driver.  Cicada: 7, 6, -1, 1


Blog by: Jacob Arvidson

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