Choosing the Best Disc Golf Cart for Your Game

Choosing the Best Disc Golf Cart for Your Game

Hey Ledgestone fans! The versatility of a backpack on the course is great, but the physical relief of a disc golf cart can take your enjoyment of the game to another level.

Coming in at a price point very comparable to that of a backpack, disc golf carts have become increasingly popular over the past five years as the disc golf scene has exploded. Players have noticed the toll carrying a bag of 25 discs can take on their backs and have elected to use something a bit easier on the body. 

Carts can be found in a handful of variations from a few different manufacturers. Not all offer the same durability, pricing, or ease of travel, so which disc golf cart should you buy?

Well, we’ve got you covered. We’ve done all the research for you to find the best disc golf cart on the market. All you need to do is take our advice and roll up (pun intended) to your next round in style.


What are the top disc golf cart companies?

ZÜCA, Ridge Roller, Rovic, and Gotta Go Gotta Throw currently have the most popular disc golf carts on the market. You’ll generally see both amateurs and pros from around the world pushing one of these four brands around the course.

What sets these disc golf carts apart from competitors?


  • ZÜCA: Compact enough to fit the specifications for an airplane carry-on, ZÜCA has revolutionized the cart game. ZÜCAs come with customizable inserts, a built-in seat, and removable tubeless wheels. The extendable, telescoping handle increases versatility and allows for further customization with accessories like putter pouches, water bottle racks, and umbrella holders.
  • Ridge Roller: These low, compact carts are fully customizable. Though they take weeks or even months to ship out, each cart is built to order to ensure customer satisfaction. The all-terrain tires and telescope handle make them maneuverable on almost any course, while the boxy design makes storage and travel easy.
  • Rovic: Originating from Rovic’s ball golf push carts, this 3-wheel device has universal hooks to hold any disc golf bag on the market. Along with an enclosed valuables compartment and space for additional accessories, the high-sitting bag hooks eliminate the need to reach down to pull out a disc. The Rovics do not come with a bag or disc-storage compartment.
  • Gotta Go Gotta Throw: The GoCart is used by Scott Stokely and Barry Schultz. It has a durable aluminum frame to hold and extend the life of your bag. The wide, hinged seat is built in to add comfort and accessibility. The versatile handle makes grip comfortable and large wheels make navigation a breeze. The GoCart is only a frame and does not come with a bag.


    What is the best disc golf cart?

    Even with four top brands to choose from, one company stands out from the rest: ZÜCA.

    The company was around well before disc golf creating similar storage carts for everyday uses like beauty and sports. They have a track record of excellence with durable products and new styles to match what consumers want to be towing around. 

    The removable wheels, handle, and water bottle holders make all of ZÜCA’s carts easy to pack and travel with while still being quick to reassemble. The aluminum frames are both light and durable while the built-in seat saves the hassle of lugging a chair around on the course. Top pros around the world not only use ZÜCAs, but openly endorse them as well. Paul Ulibarri, Garrett Gurthie and Jennifer Allen all promote the product with confidence. Plus, ZÜCA has several variations and sizes to fit whatever necessity you need as a disc golfer.

    The ATV Cart features all-terrain wheels for maximum performance on any course along with a washable bag insert. The interior rack helps comfortably hold 30 discs with room for more by adding the putter pouch accessory or additional side pockets. The zippered storage compartment ensures your discs stay safely tucked away when in transit while the telescoping handle reaches up to 51 inches to accompany players of any height.

    The Compact Cart from ZÜCA is as versatile as it gets. The cart is sized perfectly to travel with you anywhere, even in the overhead bin of an airplane as your carry-on. Tubeless foam wheels promise you won’t get stranded with a flat tire and the built-in seat provides comfort on the go. The zippered compartment can hold up to 15 discs comfortably and is washable so you can always keep your ZÜCA looking fresh.

    If you already have a bag and don’t need a full cart with disc storage capabilities, ZÜCA still has you covered with their top-notch products. The Backpack Cart LG can fit any backpack on the market. These carts include a built-in seat with capacity to hold up to 300 pounds. The ZÜCA-standard aluminum frame and all-terrain wheels make these carts light, maneuverable, and versatile. Easily pull out your bag at any time.

    The ZÜCA carts take up less space than the Rovic, cost significantly less than the Ridge Roller, and offer the same abilities as the GoCart even in their simplest form. If you’re looking for your next disc golf cart, look no further than a ZÜCA.

    Blog by Jacob Arvidson

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