Choosing The Best Disc Golf Bag For Your Game

Hey Ledgestone fans! You all know this feeling. 

You throw a disc for the first time. You get hooked. You go out and get a few more discs. You fall in love. Suddenly, two hands are no longer enough to carry the tools you need to excel on the course.

Enter the disc golf backpack.

These specialized disc carriers come in a variety of designs, sizes and shapes, but the best products have three key elements: comfort, durability and capacity. To help point you to the best bags on the market, we’ve done all the research for you. All you need to do is take our advice.

What are the top disc golf bag brands?

Grip Equipment, Squatch, Pound and Upper Park currently have the most popular backpacks on the market. You’ll generally see the top players from around the world sporting one of these four brands on their back during an event.

What sets these disc golf backpacks apart from competitors?

  • Grip Equipment: All Grip bags feature a flexible internal structure to keep the bag upright at all times. Insulated water bottle holders and large-volume storage pockets give players room to comfortably carry more than just discs. A limited, lifetime warranty shows consumers a belief in the craftsmanship of each backpack. They also feature a large velcro field to promote other disc golf clubs and brands with pride. And the ability to purchase a custom rain cover fitted specifically to each Grip bag model is an added bonus.
  • Squatch: Squatch bags are built to withstand the everyday tough treatment of being tossed around on the disc golf course. The company uses the same soft goods manufacturing process that has been around for 30 years to ensure durability and weather resistance. Squatch is confident enough in their product to offer a lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects.
  • Pound: Pound bags are custom-made for each consumer. The production takes time, but each bag is fully customizable with colors, designs, and fabric types. Pound boasts of completely weather-resistant fabrics along with adjustable shoulder pads and a hydration sleeve that can hold up to two liters of water.
  • Upper Park: These bags provide both horizontal and vertical storage options along with a quick-draw putter pocket to make the discs as accessible as possible. Water-resistant technology prolongs the life of each bag, while the attachable rainfly keeps discs dry during inclement weather. In addition, expandable pockets allow room for extra storage space.

  • What is the best disc golf bag?

    Even with four top brands to choose from, one company stands out from the rest: Grip Equipment.

    Grip bags check the comfort box with padded back support and shoulder straps. The durability question is backed by the company’s lifetime warranty. And the quantity of discs a player can fit into a Grip bag is completely customizable based on style and number of discs needed. Even the high-end, custom player bags don’t run any higher than $279, making affordability another key component that sets Grip Equipment apart.

    The AX Series is their most comprehensive model, with the ability to hold 22 discs in the main compartment and four more in the quick-pull top pocket. The BX Series has an 18-disc main compartment and 3-disc quick-pull top pocket. Just a touch smaller is the CX Series which, similar to the BX Series, has a 3-disc quick-pull pocket, but can only fit 16 discs in the main compartment. And one step smaller is the CS Series with a 2-disc quick-pull pocket and a 14-disc main compartment capacity.

    Grip also produces a single-shoulder line of bags known as the G-Series. These carriers are perfect for light travel and mobility on the course. They hold between 8 and 12 discs in vertical formation and also provide a 2-disc quick-pull pocket.

    Grip Equipment also offers customized colorways and designs like the brand-new A-TS Series for the 2023 Ledgestone Open, along with player-specific AX5, BX3 and G2 editions for top pros like Paul McBeth, Eagle McMahon and Paige Pierce. 

    Blog by Jacob Arvidson

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