Behind the Bag: Paige Shue

The popularized video segment known as an “In the Bag” has given fans a look into what their favorite pros are carrying around on the course. 

You might catch a glimpse of their putter and the two backups they carry, or get a few extra seconds to stare at their favorite driver as they relive an important shot with you, but the insight usually ends there. You never get to hear about the specific runs, plastic types of certain discs, or what makes the stamps so sentimental to certain players. 

Some players have one-of-a-kind runs, others have interesting acquisitions stories and a few carry discs with extreme financial value. We’ve taken the time to speak with several top pros in our “Behind the Bag” series to reveal the stories that fans care about.

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Putt and Approaches

Chris Dickerson CT Challenger OS - Shue needed some tips when beginning to build her bag. Discraft pro Corey Ellis was the one who pointed her toward the CT Challenger OS which is now her go-to on the putting green. “I tried the Putter Line ones, but I prefer something stiffer,” she said. “I feel like stiffer putters are more consistent, so I was specifically looking for that harder plastic. When I talked to Corey, it just reaffirmed I needed to give the CT run a try.”

D-line Steady - In her search for a throwing putter, Shue was struggling to find something consistent. She knew she wanted a beaded disc, but she also wanted something with a semi-shallow rim and a touch of overstability. After testing out the Discraft molds and failing to fall in love with anything as a thrower, she took a look at DGA and instantly bonded with the Steady. Being a Team Discraft player, she has the ability to bag a DGA disc if she chooses.

Bro-D Swirl Roach

Ledgestone CryZtal Flx Ringer

Z Sol

Putter Line Soft Zone


CryZtal Comet - Shue’s husband, Grady, had an old CryZtal Comet sporting a Columbia Disc Golf Club stamp in his stash, and it was the perfect fit. It was produced before tooling was added to the Comet mold, so it has some history behind it. “I’m hoping to find some more like it,” Shue said. “Discraft sent me an ESP and a Z Comet, but none of them felt as good as this CryZtal one.”

Z Buzzz - Shue is a big fan of Dan Hastings and his stamps. When she stumbled upon this particular Z Buzzz, and saw the “Turtle in Space” stamp on it for Hastings, she was sold immediately.

Z Buzzz SS

Chris Dickerson ESP Swirl Wasp


Fly Dye Z Heat - Grady works at a local disc golf shop and was hunting through the used rack looking for quality Discraft plastic for his wife to try. He found an old, neon green-and-red, Fly Dye Heat on the shelf and brought it home. Shue loved it. “Discraft sent me some stock-stamped ones, but they were a little bit domier than this one,” she said. “I love this one, it’s one of my favorites. The tye-dye design is also really cool.”

ESP Sting

First Run Athena

ESP Undertaker

ESP Vulture

Distance Drivers

ESP Crank - Shue’s go-to driver at the moment is the Crank, so much so that she bags three of them in varying stabilities. “I like them for max distance shots with big ‘S’ lines when I’m trying to get as far as I can,” she said. “They’re also great for hyzer-flips, especially longer hyzer-flips in the woods.”

ESP Nuke - More Hastings love from Shue. This particular Nuke features a snowman riding a snowboard with text reading, “Dan Hastings”. She loved the stamp and was looking for a Nuke to try out, so this disc made its way into the bag very quickly.

Z Force - After hearing Shue was moving to Team Discraft for the 2023 season, her friends at Ace Run Productions sent her a care package of Discraft discs. One of those discs was this custom-stamped Ace Run Pro Z Force.

2022 Chandler Fry Tour Series Surge


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