2021 Ledgestone Player’s Pack: Behind the Numbers

2021 Ledgestone Player’s Pack: Behind the Numbers

Story/Photos by Chris Yucus

Everything’s bigger at Ledgestone, and that definitely includes the player’s pack.

With a record number of competitors this year, the Ledgestone Staff and an army of volunteers already had their hands full assembling the tournament’s legendary player’s packs.

But there’s more! The famous Ledgestone swag bags are so popular that they’re now offered for sale on the tournament’s website for those who can’t play the tournament.

That brings the grand total to around 2,800 total player’s packs to be distributed in 2021.

Assembling the Ledgestone player’s pack is a multi-day undertaking involving dozens of staff members and volunteers. It all starts at the Ledgestone Warehouse, where the multitude of items arrive throughout the year, and ends with a truly massive stack of drool-worthy player’s packs at Washington’s Five Points Center.

Here’s a look at a few of the big numbers behind this year’s player’s pack:

2.12 -- Miles of custom Grip6 belts soon to be wrapped around players’ waists.

11.5 -- Standard-sized 42-gallon bathtubs that could be filled with the custom-stamped Tempercraft 22-ounce water bottles in this year’s pack.

21.88 -- Gallons of Zanfel Poison Ivy Wash given out to players. (2,800 1-ounce tubes)

250 -- Large cardboard boxes of Grip Eq custom bags loaded onto trailers and transported from the Ledgestone warehouse to the Five Points Center. All 2,000 bags must then assembled by a team of volunteers before the other player’s pack items are put in the bags. (8 bags per box.)

1,600 -- Wheels on the Zuca Compact Carts some participants selected instead of bags, an option for players this year. (800 carts).

4,249.33 -- Pounds of special edition plastic included in the packs: three Ledgestone-edition discs from Discraft, and one from DGA. (11,200 discs at 172.5 gram average).

David Allen, one of the owners of Grip EQ, gives a final inspection to some recently assembled players pack bags.

Mountains of bags are stacked up inside the player pack assembly area.

In this year’s player’s pack all amateur and junior players will receive:

  • GRIPeq limited custom fabric color BX2 bag or Zuca Compact Cart
  • Grip6 Custom belt
  • Black Buzzz Hoody
  • Custom-stamped Tempercraft 22 oz Water Bottle
  • Special Tournament Shirt from Paragon
  • Tube of Zanfel Poison Ivy Product
  • 3 Discraft Limited Edition discs
  • 1 DGA Limited Edition disc
  • Special hat
  • Player’s Pass for free spectating admission to Eureka and Sunset
  • Two free meals at the event
  • And more!

Volunteer Christina Carlstrom sets out limited edition discs for the packs.

Ledgestone Assistant TD Michel Munn instructs volunteers how to fill player pack bags.

Ledgestone warehouse volunteers load box after box of Grip bags onto trailers for the ride to the Five Points Center.

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