Ledgestone LE Disc Schedule Announced

Ledgestone LE Disc Schedule Announced


We are happy to announce the molds that will be released to vendors for the 2021 Ledgestone LE schedule. This year we are releasing every single mold that Discraft has available. These discs will be released over 3 different waves and the list is subject to change. The plan would call for approximate releases in February, April and June. Infinite Discs will once again be the official vendor of the event and will have by far the largest selection of Ledgestone discs. This announcement is the 11th and penultimate announcement in our Twelve Days of Ledgestone promotion.

Obviously the biggest news in this release is that the event will do a limited release for every single mold that Discraft has available for production. “After the 2020 event, I had a crazy idea to do a Ledgestone release for every single disc that Discraft has ever made. I knew that wasn’t going to work, because some molds are simply not available anymore. But my next idea was to run one of every mold available, including the out of production molds. The day before 2020 Ledgestone ended, I teased this idea to Bob Julio, Discraft’s golf manager, and he chuckled,” stated Heinold. After weeks of working on ideas, he gave Mike Wanger, Discraft’s CEO, a quick phone call. “I honestly had never called Mike before because I just usually deal with Bob, so I had to get Mike’s number from someone. I went through the list of all of the molds that I thought could be available, and he cheerfully gave me the answers. He didn’t really ask what I needed the information for, but he probably suspected something was up,” finished Heinold. He then met with Mike and Bob in October at the Discraft factory and pitched his idea. After making a few minor adjustments to certain plastic combinations, Mike and Bob approved every single request. “I was honestly floored. I didn’t full expect them to say yes to everything, but they were very open to what I was asking for and they got behind my idea.” Heinold then spent the next 6 weeks working on design ideas with the various designers, and that process is expected to finish up by the end of the year. Production has already begun on the 2021 releases, and vendors gobbled up the discs at record paces. Within a few days, 35 vendors had bought up all of the 2021 releases.

Coming up with the disc schedule is always a fun challenge for Ledgestone TD Nate Heinold. “The process really starts with asking people what they want to see. We do some polls online and then gauge what has sold well in the past. We also evaluate new molds as they come out,” said Heinold. The idea behind running all of the molds in Discraft’s arsenal was because some of the most popular Ledgestone runs have been molds that don’t get run a lot. “A lot of these older discs have great markets, and sometimes releasing these older discs in limited runs (in a newer plastic) will reinvigorate fans of that disc, or bring new fans to certain discs,” continued Heinold.

The Ledgestone fundraiser discs are one of the primary fundraising methods for the tournament. “All of the vendor support for these discs really helps make Ledgestone what it is. We are extremely grateful to all of the vendors who have supported us over the years,” said Heinold. Without further delay, here is this year’s Disc Schedule, subject to change:

  1. Wave 1
    1. Glo Sparkle Vulture
    2. CT Glo Jawbreaker Wasp
    3. JB OG Glo Buzzz
    4. Big Z Tracker
    5. Tour Series Jawbreaker Meteor
    6. Z Swirl Tour Series Avenger SS
    7. ESP Tour Series Swirly Buzzz
    8. Z Sparkle Zone
    9. Z Glo Raptor
    10. Cryztal Flx Glo Ringer
    11. Z Swirl Tour Series Heat
    12. Big Z Avenger
    13. Rubber Blend Glo Roach
    14. Ti Swirl Thrasher
    15. Rubber Blend Glo Nuke
    16. Rubber Blend Glo Drone
    17. Cryztal Flx Sparkle Banger GT
    18. Z Swirl Tour Series Nebula
    19. Big Z Flash
    20. Z Swirl Tour Series Crush
    21. CT JB Challenger
    22. ESP Tour Series APX
    23. Tour Series Jawbreaker Rattler
    24. Z Swirl Tour Series Xtreme
    25. Ti Swirl Glide
  • Wave 2
  1. Big Z Zone
  2. Ti Swirly Wasp
  3. Cryztal Flx Sparkle Buzzz
  4. Z Swirl Tour Series Surge
  5. Cryztal Sparkle Buzzz SS
  6. Z Swirl Tour Series Crank
  7. Rubber Blend Glo Ringer GT
  8. Big Z Crank SS
  9. Ti Swirl Predator
  10. Cryztal Flx Glo Roach
  11. ESP Tour Series Sol
  12. Cryztal Sparkle Stalker
  13. Z Swirl Tour Series Nuke SS
  14. ESP Tour Series Stratus
  15. Z Swirl Tour Series Pulse
  16. Z Glo Sparkle Talon
  17. Z Swirl Tour Series Hawk
  18. ESP Tour Series Cyclone
  19. Ti Swirl Zombee
  20. CT JB Challenger SS
  21. CT JB Challenger OS
  22. Cryztal Sparkle Sting
  23. ESP Tour Series Venom
  24. Z Swirl Tour Series Surge SS
  • Wave 3
  1. ESP Tour Series Reaper
  2. ESP Tour Series Zeppelin
  3. Ti Swirly XL
  4. Glo ESP Flx Buzzz
  5. ESP Tour Series Flick
  6. Cryztal Flx Sparkle Meteor
  7. Ti Swirl Flx Zone
  8. Z Glo Sparkle Undertaker
  9. ESP Tour Series Archer
  10. Cryztal Heat
  11. Jawbreaker Force
  12. Tour Series ESP Glo Stalker
  13. ESP Tour Series Nuke OS
  14. Z Swirl Tour Series Punisher
  15. ESP Tour Series Wildcat
  16. Rubber Blend Glo Magnet
  17. CT Focus
  18. Z Swirl Tour Series Buzzz OS
  19. ESP Tour Series Impact
  20. Rubber Blend Putt’r
  21. ESP Tour Series XS
  22. ESP Tour Series Xpress
  23. Z Sparkle Machete

If you notice a mold that is missing from the list that you think should be available, it’s probably because the tournament will be releasing that disc on its own. The tournament will be releasing 29 limited edition runs, most of which will be released at the event in August or online at the Ledgestone retail website. This will include a special LSWT Undertaker, the 2021 Grateful Buzzz, a Midnight Buzzz, Rubber Blend Wasp, CryZtal Raptor, Big Z Hornet, Z Swirl Tour Series Buzzz-GT, Rubber Blend Comet, Ti Swirl Avenger SS, and many more. Stay tuned for all of the most up to date information.

The 11th Annual Discraft Ledgestone Insurance Open will take place August 5th to the 8th in Central Illinois. Registration will take place exclusively at Disc Golf Scene and will open in early 2021. Registration for AM players and age protected professionals will take place at dgscene.com/ledgestoneam and registration for the DGPT event will take place at dgscene.com/ledgestone21

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