Changes Announced to Lake Eureka

Changes Announced to Lake Eureka

The caddy guide has been released for this year’s Lake Eureka Temp course that will be featured in the 2018 Discraft Ledgestone Insurance Open. There are changes to this year’s layout that players will surely appreciate. In addition, Ledgestone TD Nate Heinold is happy to announce that upgrades to the teepads and baskets are on the way as well. In December 2017, Nate met with the Eureka City Council and they approved permanent concrete tees for the Lake Eureka course. “The City of Eureka has been a phenomenal partner since we first used this beautiful property. I look forward to working with them for many years to come,” said Heinold. In addition, Heinold is on record saying the course will feature new baskets in 2018. “I can’t give a lot away at this point, but I can tell you that Discraft has a Chainstar Pro in the works and it’s a great basket,” continued Heinold.

Lake Eureka Water Tower

Some of the course changes are subtle and some are not as subtle. Here are the full list of the changes:

  • Hole 1’s drop zone has been moved closer to the lake, making the drop zone shot easier. The tournament doesn’t want to see someone throw into the water from the tee and then continue to have issues from the drop zone in the event of inclement weather. So the decision was made to move the drop zone forward.
  • Hole 5’s drop zone has also moved forward, which will give players a better chance to get a 4 if their teeshot goes OB. In addition, the rope has been relaxed and extended on the back part of the landing zone about 150 feet to the right of the basket, which will make it an easier shot for left-handed players.
  • Hole 6 will now see two baskets. The right side near the green will be opened up to include the green for the second basket. The A basket will be used Thursday and Sunday and the B basket will be used Friday and Saturday.
  • Hole 7’s tee moved back about 15 feet, and the basket location will also move back about 10 feet. Hole 7 simply played too easy last year, so it was important to add some more scoring separation here.
  • Hole 8 is seeing a change in the OB holes. Now the disc will have to cross the initial creek to be considered in bounds. In 2017 some drives found their way into the creek but not in the water, so there were some awkward lies. This new rule would prevent that from happening as players would simply go to a drop zone if their drive didn’t cross the creek.
  • Hole 10 was shortened and shifted to the North (or to the right). The basket will be near a large tree about 50’ from the creek. It will play as a lefty hyzer hole, while last year’s hole played more as a righty hole.
  • Hole 11 is the biggest change on the course: the hole along the road was eliminated. Now there will be a hole on the north side of the creek that runs alongside the creek. Eliminating the old hole 11 solved a few issues. Hole 11 was simply too easy and didn’t provide a lot of scoring separation. In addition, there was a desire to move away from having a hole and tee so close to the road.
  • Hole 12 will see a minor change on the back side of the green. The OB ropes will be relaxed on the back side slightly, so a shot going a little bit longer this year may have a chance to remain in bounds.
  • Hole 13, like hole 6, will see alternate baskets. The A basket will be used Thursday and Sunday, while the B basket will be used Friday and Saturday. Not only does this change give more variety to the course, it also gives lefties a better chance on this hole as the B pin will potentially open up the left side fairway to be used more.
  • On hole 17, we have made a slight adjustment as the pier will be out of bounds this year. No one has ever landed on the pier, to our knowledge, but in the past the pier has been considered in bounds.
  • Hole 18: The swingset area will now play as a free relief area.

We feel that the changes made to Eureka will make it a better course that is a great (and fair) challenge for all players. We look forward to seeing how people tackle the course at this year’s event! Registration is open now for hole sponsors.

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