Ten Questions Series – Catrina Allen

Ten Questions Series – Catrina Allen

Next up in our ten questions series is Catrina Allen. Catrina is a former World Champion and is a 4 time Ledgestone Champion. Catrina has been coming to Ledgestone for a long time and once admitted that Ledgestone was her little honey pot. We appreciate her support and her willingness to answer some questions for us!


  1. You are a four time Ledgestone champion. What has made you so successful at this event?
    I enjoy the courses, I think they suit my game well. Nate runs the tournament so well, and cares so much about the players it makes it so easy to just worry about playing. There’s never any worry about anything and for me that makes it a lot easier to play well.

  2. What is so special about Ledgestone?
    I think it’s been fun, as a player who played the event before it got so large, to watch it grow into what it’s become.

  3. You have been at every Ledgestone since 2013. What keeps you coming back?
    Nate Heinold.

  4. The FPO division will play each round at Sunset this year for Ledgestone. For Worlds FPO will play Sunset and an enhanced Northwood layout. Would you have preferred to play Lake Eureka for either event? If so, why?
    I look forward to seeing the enhanced version of Northwood. But yes I would love to play a round or two on Lake Eureka. I think it’s a course that really rewards a good shot, and really punishes bad shots.

  5. Does a course like Sunset suit your game better, or a course like Northwood?
    I have tried over the years to make it so every course suits my game, by adding things like rollers and a side arm. I feel I can play well at both courses!

  6. Walk us through your preparation for an event like Ledgestone.
    We play multiple courses so just making sure I have a game plan and know what I’m throwing off every tee. Finding a balance, so I’m not throwing too many shots and wearing myself out, but really focusing on a game plan.

  7. The DGPT has made live coverage a focus for the women this year. Do you feel that’s valuable?

  8. Are you finally going to get in the dunk tank this year?
    Absolutely not!

  9. How many courses would you prefer to play for an event?
    I prefer one course, I think it rewards the players who really put time into practicing the course before an event.

  10. Are there are any food hot spots you have visited over the last 6 years in Peoria that you want to highlight?
    One World Cafe, Thai Tyme, Great Harvest Co, and Granite City!

Thanks to Catrina for answering our questions. All of us at Ledgestone wish her the best of luck the rest of her season!

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