Ten Questions about Ledgestone with Paul McBeth (Joke)

Ten Questions about Ledgestone with Paul McBeth (Joke)

We recently were able to catch up with Paul McBeth to get his take on Eureka and all things Ledgestone. Enjoy this in depth look into Paul’s thoughts in regards to one of the biggest tournaments of the year. Registration will fill quickly this year! Here is the link with all of the registration information: lisopen.com/register

Paul McBeth at the Ledgestone Insurance Open in Eureka, IL

  1. What is your favorite part about Ledgestone?
    McBeth: Moolah
  2. You have had your highs (winning in 2016) and your struggles at Ledgestone (2018). What makes the biggest difference for how well you compete at Eureka?
    McBeth: Discraft
  3. What's your favorite hole at Eureka?
    McBeth: The last one.
  4. What's your least favorite hole at Eureka?
    McBeth: Hole 3, just because.
  5. Will Ledgestone mean more now that you are sponsored by Discraft?
    McBeth: Sure
  6. You will be in Central Illinois twice this summer. Is that good or bad for disc golf?
    McBeth: Who wants to be in Illinois twice?
  7. You will get to play Northwood Gold for Worlds this summer. Have you heard anything about that course?
    McBeth: I’ve heard it's in rough shape.
  8. Are there any new discs in the bag that will help you better attack Lake Eureka?
    McBeth: Probably the Zombee.
  9. How has Ledgestone improved since you first came to the event?
    McBeth: More moolah.
  10. Do you have a favorite restaurant in the Peoria Area?
    McBeth: McDonald’s.

Bonus Question – Rumors have circulated over the years about you disliking Nate Heinold. How much do you really hate Nate Heinold?
McBeth: Is that a statement or a question?

There you have it folks! That is some great insight into the mind of one of the best players in the world. See you in June!

P.S. If you didn't pick up on it by now, this article was a good ole fashioned early April Fool's joke. Stay tuned this afternoon for Paul McBeth's serious answers to these questions!

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