Understanding Discraft Distance Drivers

Understanding Discraft Distance Drivers

Hello Ledgestone fans! Discraft has provided some fantastic molds to disc golfers around the world through their sponsorship of the Ledgestone event. This program gives access to limited-edition runs, artwork, and plastics. 


Today we’re going to bring special attention to the disc category that has given Team Discraft the ability to go further on the course than any other manufacturer. We’re talking about the World Leader in Disc Sports’ vast array of distance drivers.


We’ve taken the time to break down each disc in Discraft’s distance lineup so you can find the perfect fit for your game at shopledgestone.com and execute your own big drives.



Avenger - The Avenger has been around for years, but has lost some steam recently due to the popularity of the Avenger SS. Don’t get the two confused though. The regular Avenger is a much different disc than the SS version. This disc is an overstable control driver, perfect for shaping distance shots when hitting the line and pushing up the fairway are both equally as important. Stronger throwers will be able to put a nice turn on the disc and achieve a straight flight with a predictable finish. Though it is now out-of-production at Discraft, you can still get your hands on the Z Swirl Tour Series Avenger at Shop Ledgestone.


Avenger SS - The Avenger SS is a controllable driver that can be perfected by all skill levels. The “super straight” version of the original Avenger, the Avenger SS has stolen its predecessor's popularity. For power throwers, it runs very understable and is a perfect roller disc. For newer to intermediate players it functions as a big distance driver with a predictable turn, fade, and superior glide to maximize air time. You can find this disc in a variety of plastics:


Crank - The Crank is a max distance driver with high speed turn and a predictable fade. Its stable flight allows it to push straighter for longer before the overstability kicks in at the end of the flight. The Crank is great for hyzer-flips, turnovers and long, pushing hyzer shots. Ledgestone has Cranks available in multiple plastics:


Crank SS - This mold was created to bring maximum distance to players with slower arm speeds. With a similar shape and feel to a standard Crank, just with a slightly smaller rim, the Crank SS brings the same hyzer-flip and long turnover abilities of the Crank to less advanced players. The prototype Crank SS was released at the 2015 Ledgestone Open.


Crush - Overstability is a staple for this distance driver. It is primarily used by forehand players looking for predictable fade even in windy conditions. Slower than a Force or Nuke, the smaller rim on the Crush makes it a more comfortable choice for intermediate and advanced players. Though out-of-production at Discraft, Ledgestone has brought back the Crush in limited edition runs of Z Swirl and ESP Swirl.


Flash - The Flash is a versatile, forehand and backhand workhorse driver with the ability to fly multiple flight paths. It can provide hyzer-flips, turnovers, hyzers, and flex shots. The constant for the Flash is its ability to provide big distance. Ledgestone was able to bring this out-of-production mold back in 2023 in Z Swirl plastic.


Flick - This super overstable disc is a wind-fighter that will always fade out. It’s thin profile, wide rim, and flat top make it comfortable in the hand and a go-to for sidearm specialists. Big, anhyzer-angled shots will allow the Flick to perform a full “S” shape. It can be found in both Z and ESP plastics.


Force - This max distance, overstable driver is built for big arms looking to throw far. The Force’s heavy overstability allows it to resist turning over, even at high speeds. On anhyzer angles, this disc works hard to flex out and fade at the end, maximizing flight time and distance off the tee. Beyond the standard Z, Big Z, and ESP blends, many specialty runs of Forces are available at Shop Ledgestone:


Hades - This neutral-to-understable driver is perfect for hyzer-flips and long turnovers. Rip a full power shot with the Hades and watch it drift and glide before fighting back with a reliable fade. The Hades is the fifth disc in the Paul McBeth lineup, designed with hands-on input from the 6x World Champion himself. It can be found in both Big Z and ESP plastics.


Machete - The Machete is a headwind-fighting, overstable distance driver. Turning this disc over is nearly impossible. It has extreme overstability but still manages to push forward for increased distance with its strong glide. The Machete is perfect for spike hyzers, long flex shots, and getting around corners. It can be found in the beautiful CryZtal Flx plastic as well as standard Z.


Nuke - The Nuke has been dominating courses around the globe since 2009 and has become one of the most popular distance drivers in the world. This high-speed driver sports a thick, wide rim and holds its overstability even for power throwers. It is a popular choice for both forehand and backhand shots. Beyond the standard X, Z, Big Z, ESP and Titanium blends, many specialty runs of Nukes are available at Shop Ledgestone:


Nuke OS - This extremely overstable distance driver brings heavy, consistent fade even in the wind. The Nuke OS gives confidence to any thrower looking for a high-speed shot that will finish hard on all occasions. Its wide, thick rim matches the feel of a Nuke, but adds even more overstability. Shop Ledgestone has this beefcake of a driver available in more than just standard Z and ESP:


Nuke SS - This high-speed, wide-rimmed distance driver is the “super straight” version of the popular Nuke. Though wide-rimmed, the Nuke SS can be handled by all skill levels. Its high-speed turn makes it understable, but with a heavy, low-speed fade. A straight-to-understable flight with a predictable finish makes this driver a contender for maximum distance. Get your hands on the Nuke SS in Z, ESP, or ESP Swirl.


Pulse - The Pulse is a fast, overstable driver with a thinner rim than most distance drivers in its class. It has a slight groove top on the flight plate for increased spin generation and is a favorite for forehand throwers. The Pulse is an out-of-production mold at Discraft, but was brought back for this limited-edition Big Z Ledgestone run.


Punisher - The Punisher is a high-speed distance driver with strong glide. With a wide rim, it is designed to be thrown at high speeds and holds true with a slight turn and overstable finish. This out-of-production mold has been revived by Ledgestone in both the ESP Swirl and Z Swirl blends.


Scorch - The Scorch is an understable driver with an overstable finish. It is famous for providing signature “S” flights and can be handled by players of all skill levels. The slightly domey flight plate allows for added glide and increased distance even at slower speeds. It has similar flight characteristics to the Surge SS, but a much different feel in the hand. The Scorch can be found in many different plastic variations beyond standard Z and ESP:


Surge - The Surge is a high-speed driver with maximum glide and a medium-sized rim compared to other drivers in its class. This disc has high-speed turn for stronger arms and a consistent, straight-line flight for slower arms. The Surge’s controllability makes it accessible to multiple skill levels. It was brought back into limited production for Team Discraft’s Chandler Fry and can be found in ESP Swirl and ESP Midnight blends.


Surge SS - This driver is the “super straight” version of the Surge. Its straighter edge minimizes late-flight fade and increases distance for players with less power. It has similar flight characteristics to the Scorch, but maintains a much sharper feel in the hand with less dome. It can be found in Z, Z Metallic, and ESP Swirl runs.


Thrasher - The Thrasher is an understable distance driver used by all skill levels. For more recreational players, this is a trusty go-to driver for flex shots and big distance. For experienced players, the Thrasher becomes a hyzer-flip bomber or controlled turnover driver. Players can find the Thrasher in standard Z, Big Z, and ESP, but also in several other special Ledgestone runs:


Venom - The Venom brings supreme overstability to your distance driver selection without sacrificing a comfortable grip. Its flat profile makes it a perfect candidate to fight headwinds and take the wind out of play. It’s a popular choice for forehand and overhand throwers because of its predictability. After being out of commission for years, the Venom mold was tweaked in 2023 and brought back into production. It boasts a similar feel to the Force, but has increased glide and overstability. It can be found in a multitude of plastics.


Wildcat - The Wildcat is a shallow-rimmed driver with versatility to be used by all skill levels. It is overstable, but slow enough to be manipulated by stronger arms to fly anhyzer lines. Now out-of-production at Discraft, the Ledgestone Edition Wildcat was last run in 2021. The Scorch and Surge SS bear the closest modern resemblance to the Wildcat.


Zeus - This overstable distance driver can handle wind and has enough torque resistance to fit both forehand and backhand throwers. The wide rim and consistency between runs makes it the most reliable option for players looking to gain big distance on the course. Originally called the “Kong”, it was the first distance driver added to the Paul McBeth line. It can be found in ESP, Big Z, and limited-edition Z Swirl.


Blog by: Jacob Arvidson

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