Ledgestone: Rebranded

Ledgestone: Rebranded

Disc golf, in itself, is the unifying subject that Ledgestone centers itself on. From our company’s inception in 2011 as a small, charity fundraiser tournament, to the full-scale retail and event management group that it exists as today, disc golf has remained at the heart of it all.


As our business has grown, we have taken on new responsibilities and added additional services to our portfolio. Our team is running two DGPT Elite Series+ events and three PDGA majors in 2024 along with maintaining our online retail store, running our Ledgestone wholesale operations, managing our ever-growing social media presence and managing our professional and ambassador teams. This growth has led to some understandable confusion from the industry over what exactly “Ledgestone” is.


Starting today, the entire Ledgestone brand (Ledgestone Events, Shop Ledgestone, Team Ledgestone, etc.) will exist under the new Ledgestone Disc Golf umbrella. We’ve done this in an effort to encapsulate our range of services and products, connecting them together through a common thread: disc golf.


Our new name also comes with a refreshed brand image. The iconic Ledgestone Open event logo remains unchanged, but we have added a new, official Ledgestone Disc Golf logo along with reimagined iconography, topography, and a refined color palette.


The full scale of this rebrand will be unveiled over the course of next season as we launch new products and services, announce new team members and more. This change has been made effective across our social media profiles and online retail store. Make sure to follow @ledgestonediscgolf on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date on exciting developments!

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