2023 Brodie Smith Tour Series ESP Zone OS

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The 2023 Tour Series Zone OS is a true representation of the Darkhorse. Coming into disc golf in 2020, Brodie Smith has made a statement of someone who shouldn’t be underestimated. The Zone OS is next-level stable. Thrown soft, the Zone OS shows extreme stability. Thrown hard, the Zone OS will fight any anhyzer. The 2023 Tour Series discs were run in ESP plastic and come with a limited edition bottom stamp design.

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Here is the flight chart for the Zone OS:

Speed: 4
Glide: 2
Turn: 1
Fade: 5
Discraft Stability Rating: 2.6

Weight Range: 167g-176g 
Rim Width: 1.2cm 
Rim Depth: 1.4cm 
Height: 1.8cm 
Diameter: 21.2cm 

Disc Use: Putter 
Plastic Types: Tour Series ESP, Z  
Date Approved: 3/6/2023
Recommended Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced, Pro 

Customer Reviews

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Bob Wester

I play disc golf in blizzards and deep snow in the dunes off the coast of lake Michigan and I cannot wait to use this on those windy days. For now I will use it for approach shots when I need it to sit down immediately. This disc will be fun to learn.

Guy Monita

Bagged immediately !!!

Nathan Dechambeau

Dun flies how it should