ESP Swirl Wasp

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This is the disc that led to the creation of the Buzzz. Considered the Buzzz’s slightly more overstable cousin, it falls between the Buzzz and the Buzzz OS in stability. Other than the increased fade, the Wasp also sports a beaded rim, differentiating it from the feel of a standard Buzzz.

With Discraft’s top-notch swirls in a variety of opaque, coloring combinations, this run of Wasp shines in any light. In the ESP plastic, these Wasps will remain durable and consistent, but will slowly season in and fly slightly less overstable than a standard Z Wasp. The beaded rim and plastic blend combination give this run a tacky feel and comfortable grip for added throwing confidence. This was part of a limited run of 1800 Wasps.

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Here is the flight chart for the Wasp:

Speed: 5
Glide: 3
Turn: 0
Fade: 2
Discraft Stability Rating: 1.5

Weight Range: 167g-177g
Rim Width: 1.2cm
Rim Depth: 1.3cm
Height: 1.8cm
Diameter: 21.6cm

Disc Use: Midrange
Plastic Types: CryZtal Sparkle, CT Glo Jawbreaker, ESP, Jawbreaker, Rubber Blend, Tour Series Z, Z, Z Glo, Z Swirl
Date Approved: 9/29/2002
Recommended Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced, Pro

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Chaz Sheperd
Esp Wasp

These discs came just as they were shown. No scuffs, no stamp dropout, so I was very happy with them. And as always they feel great.