Uli Box

For the third time we are offering the chance to purchase a special Uli box (LIMIT 2 per customer). This will be a very limited run and will give you the ability to choose your exact Swirl Mantis. Here is what is in this box:

  • Hand picked Uli Z Swirl Mantis, 100 available
  • Signed Midnight Uli bottom stamped Zone
  • 1 more Uli shield disc 
  • Uli patch
  • Uli towel
  • Uli polo (PLEASE put your size in the order notes)

Because of the expected strong demand with Uli branded discs, this box will give you a guaranteed opportunity to get 3 Uli discs. The weights of the discs will be random but will skew heavier. NOTE: Please put your polo size in the order notes. We will contact you if you do not put a size in the notes.

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