St Jude Midnight McBeth CryZtal Set

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Holographic Gold St Jude Midnight McBeth CryZtal Set
McBeth Logo Holographic Silver St Jude Midnight McBeth CryZtal Set

This set of six discs contains Paul McBeth’s entire signature lineup in Midnight CryZtal plastic featuring special edition stamps that honor Discraft's legacy, their partnership with McBeth, and the ancient history that inspired each disc's name. The artwork features Discraft's old-school Z ring border, Paul's signature and disc wordmarks, and then icons to represent the names of each mold (listed below).

  • Luna (Spanish for Moon) – Waxing Gibbous Moon
  • Anax (Ancient Military Leader) – Seal of the Spartan Army
  • Zeus (God of Sky and Thunder) – A Lightning Bolt
  • Hades (King of the Underworld) – A Flame
  • Malta (Island Nation South of Italy) – The Maltese Cross
  • Athena (Goddess of Warfare) – Crossed Swords

This set is available in two different foils, Holographic Gold and PM Holographic Silver. Discs produced in this Midnight CryZtal plastic are generally more overstable than their stock Z or ESP counterparts. 100% of the proceeds will go to support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. This is part of a limited run of only 500, each set comes with a numbered COA. There is a limit of 3 sets per person.

Customer Reviews

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A beautiful set of discs!


You sure gave me the opportunity to make my grandson’s birthday a truly memorable one! He was thrilled and I am very impressed that St Jude will benefit!

Michael Whittle
So freaking cool

Awesome collectible that I’ll appreciate for a long time!

Danny Brower
Great discs for a great cause!

I’m a big fan of supporting not only disc golf, but also St Judes. I have the sets from 2022 and 2023 hanging on my wall. Who needs classic art when you can decorate with disc art!

Jacob Thomas

Love the set.