ESP Tour Series Swirl Punisher

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The Punisher is a high-speed distance driver with strong glide. With a wide rim, it is designed to be thrown at high speeds and holds true with a slight turn and overstable finish.

As has become custom with Discraft’s ESP Swirl plastic, the swirls in this run are nothing short of beautiful. This run of the Punisher has a small dome with a bit of a pop-top and the grippy feel consistent with the 2022 Tour Series plastic. Despite the dome, these Punishers lack nothing in the overstability department. The stamp features three ferocious dogs salivating and ready to attack with a bold graffiti-style font reading “PUNISHER” across the bottom. Everything about this disc screams power and ferocity. 

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Here is the flight chart for the Punisher:

Speed: 12
Glide: 5
Turn: 0
Fade: 3
Discraft Stability Rating: 1.7

Weight Range: 166g-174g
Rim Width: 2.2cm
Rim Depth: 1.1cm
Height: 1.5cm
Diameter: 21.1cm

Disc Use: Distance Driver
Plastic Types: Big Z, ESP, Titanium, Z, Z FLX, Z Swirl
Date Approved: 4/21/2017
Recommended Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced, Pro

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Grant Lyon

Already had this in z plastic but always like to have both z and esp and this run did not disappoint! Do yourself a favor and grab one