Jawbreaker Swirl Nuke OS

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The Nuke OS will fight any amount of headwind for both backhand and forehand throws and is one of the most overstable discs in Discraft’s lineup. This disc favors a power player looking to maximize distance that will always hyzer out of its flight path.

These were ran in Jawbreaker Swirl plastic to promote grip and comfort, especially in colder months. 

NOTE: This product allows you to select your exact disc or a general swirl color. The general swirl variants are sorted by color only, and the disc you receive will vary from the picture. 

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Here is the flight chart for the Nuke OS:


Speed: 13
Glide: 4
Turn: 0
Fade: 4
Discraft Stability Rating: 2.2

Weight Range: 166g-174g
Rim Width: 2.5cm
Rim Depth: 1.2cm
Height: 1.6cm
Diameter: 21.2cm

Disc Use: Distance Driver
Plastic Types: ESP, ESP Tour Series, Jawbreaker Swirl, Titanium, Z, Z-FLX, Z-Lite
Date Approved: 6/9/2011
Recommended Skill Level: Advanced, Pro

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Gregory VanTilburg
Love this disc!

Great disc