Paul McBeth 6x Claw ESP Luna Mystery Box

$99.99 USD

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With this product you are choosing your exact Luna in this mystery box product. Each box comes with this hand selected McBeth 6X Luna and 6 additional discs. Paul McBeth won his 6th world title in Emporia, KS in the summer of 2022, and Discraft is releasing this set of discs to commemorate Paul's win. These designs pay homage to the original 4X claw design, while also emphasizing the McBeast nature of the performance at the event. In addition to the McBeast discs, Paul also wanted a more subtle look for his PM line of discs to highlight his achievements. The Luna is a putter co-designed from start to finish with Paul McBeth. The Luna is a great neutral flying putter, making it a staple for heavily wooded and open style courses. This control allows the Luna to take advantage of any angle or putting style and showcase it at its full potential. Here is what is in each mystery box: 

  • Pictured 6X McBeth Luna 
  • 2 Double Stamped Discraft Discs 
  • 1 stock Z disc 
  • 3 Ledgestone LE discs  

Each box will receive 7 discs and all of this comes in one box for $99.99 with free shipping!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    "Mixali” Sorich

    I guess I didn’t bother to read things clearly but I was hoping to get six Luna discs, even if they weren’t all the same weight or color?…

    Very happy

    Was only buying this for the Luna but actually got a cryztal flx Zone I’ve come to really like. Very happy

    Tyler Sylvester

    Loved the box and the assortment of discs, well worth the money! Thanks ledgestone!!