Paul McBeth 5x Titanium (Ti) Undertaker

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The Undertaker is a straight to stable fairway driver that is a favorite in the bag of many Discraft pros.

The Ti Undertaker is one of Paul McBeth's signature discs and is a staple in his bag. The Undertaker is known to be comfortable in the hand and for having a consistent flight in various conditions.

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Here are the flight characteristics and the flight path for the undertaker:

Speed: 9 
Glide: 5 
Turn: -1 
Fade: 2 
Discraft Stability Rating: 1.4 

Weight Range: 155g-174g 
Rim Width: 1.9cm 
Rim Depth: 1.1cm 
Height: 1.8cm 
Diameter: 21.1cm 

Disc Use: Fairway Driver 
Plastic Types: Big Z, ESP, ESP Tour Series, Pro-D, Titanium, Tour Series ESP, Tour Series Z, X, Z, Z FLX, Z Glo, Z Glo Sparkle, Z Metallic, Z Sparkle, Z Swirl 
Date Approved: 4/6/2016 
Recommended Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced, Pro 

Customer Reviews

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Great stamp color combo

Adam Creed
Best Fairway Driver Made.

The Undertaker should be in every players bag. It is easy to throw for beginners, and very controllable for experienced players. Not only that, but I can throw this discs as far as any other disc in my bag. The Undertaker simply wants to stay in the air as it shows off a perfect flex line. And the Ti plastic? *chef’s kiss* Get 'em while you can while they still say 5x on em!

Clay Place Jones
PMcB Ti Undie

Undertaker is my first love and one of the first drivers I was able to control. A staple in my bag ever since. The Ti Undie is a hair more stable and can take a beating, great for shot shaping on forested courses. Legend.

Robert .
Everyone needs an Undertaker

I love the Undertaker since I discovered it last year. It filled the fairway driver spot in my bag, they can handle a great amount of snap and then as they beat in can turn into trusty turnover discs. I find it more reliable than the AvengerSS and very good feeling in the hand.
This Ti plastic is amazing for durability and grip, I use it even in cold winters up here in MI and it feels better than Z or the TS swirl.

Great Disc!

This disc does everything you could want it to. Straight flight with a little fade at the end. Ti is definitely my favorite run for undertakers and you can’t go wrong with one of these in your bag.