Z Sparkle Luna

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The Luna was the first disc designed with Paul McBeth upon his arrival to Discraft in 2018. It has flourished alongside the popularity and success of the 6-time World Champion and has become one of the most-used putters on the planet. The Luna’s beadless rim, limited glide and overstability inspire confidence in both high-speed and low-speed arms.

The overstability makes the Luna a popular choice for a throwing putter in addition to being an everyday putter. Ran in Z Sparkle plastic, these are durable and boast the incredible level of glide that the Luna is known for.

NOTE: You are selecting your exact disc, though sparkle pattern may vary. 

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Here is the flight chart for the Luna:

Speed: 3 
Glide: 3 
Turn: 0 
Fade: 3 
Discraft Stability Rating: 1 

Weight Range: 167g-174g 
Rim Width: 1.1cm 
Rim Depth: 1.4cm 
Height: 2cm 
Diameter: 21.1cm 

Disc Use: Putter 
Plastic Types: Big Z, CryZtal, CryZtal FLX, Jawbreaker, OG Jawbreaker Glo, Rubber Blend, Soft, Soft Swirl, Tour Series ESP, Z, Z Metallic, ESP, Rubber Blend Glo, Z Swirl, Colorshift Z, Z Sparkle, ESP Glo Sparkle Swirl, CT, CT Swirl, Titanium, Ti Swirl, Z Swirl  
Date Approved: 3/11/2019 
Recommended Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Pro 

Customer Reviews

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Looks great. It’s on of the more stable Luna’s I’ve thrown but it’s still a Luna so it will coast right a decent amount

jeppe krogh
Perfect disc

Flew extremely straight and felt amazing in the hand🙌


Quality product. Packed well and in perfect condition.

Beautiful Disc!

Absolutely loves this Z sparkle Luna!