Paul McBeth Luna

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The Luna is the go to putter for 6X World Champion Paul McBeth. Paul was integral in the design of this putter. This putter suits his exact needs and this is his stock run in his preferred plastic. 

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Here are the flight and disc characteristics for the McBeth Luna:

Speed: 3 
Glide: 3 
Turn: 0 
Fade: 3 
Discraft Stability Rating: 1 

Weight Range: 167g-174g 
Rim Width: 1.1cm 
Rim Depth: 1.4cm 
Height: 2cm 
Diameter: 21.1cm 

Disc Use: Putter 
Plastic Types: Big Z, CryZtal, Jawbreaker, OG Jawbreaker Glo, Rubber Blend, Soft, Tour Series ESP, Tour Series Z, Z, Z Metallic  
Date Approved: 3/11/2019 
Recommended Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Pro 

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Brian Barilovich

Best putting putter out there. Shallow with great feeling plastic


Paul McBeth Luna

Michael Mckeen
Love my new Luna

"I've been searching for the perfect putter for years, and I finally found it in this wonderful model. The grip is simply unmatched and gives me the confidence to hit longer putts with ease. The feel is just right, making it a pleasure to use on the green. Compared to other putters I've tried, this one is in a league of its own. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a comfortable and effective putter."

Danyelle Demick
Favorite Putter!!

This is hands down my favorite putter and possibly favorite disc I own. My husband and I both love our Lunas so much, and it’s extra special because our dog is named luna ;)

Tyler Bonner
Best putter in the game!

Such a versatile putter you can throw so many shots with this disc from good old backhand shots to sidearm with a little flex or hizer or just a nice simple straight shot up the middle. But along with a great throwing putter it just a great putter I’ve tried lots of different putts but have always came back to my Luna!!!