Z Swirl Les White Scorch

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The Scorch is Discraft's newest driver that offers insane glide. The Scorch is a mix between a Heat and an Avenger SS. The Scorch is an 11 speed, understable driver that provides a consistent flight and the ability for big throws. The Scorch is ideal for hyzer flip shots in the woods or tailwind drives. These Z Swirl Scorches have an insane design by Les White and these are being sold to support this year's 2022 PDGA Masters and Junior Disc Golf World Championships. Blaze past the competition with the Scorch! 

NOTE: You have the option to choose your EXACT DISC or the general color with exact weight and RANDOM swirl and foil. 

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Here is the flight chart for the Scorch:

Speed: 11 
Glide: 6 
Turn: -2 
Fade: 2 
Discraft Stability Rating: 0.5 

Weight Range: 164g-174g 
Rim Width: 2.2cm 
Rim Depth: 1.1cm 
Height: 1.8cm 
Diameter: 21.1cm 

Disc Use: Distance Driver 
Plastic Types: Big Z, CryZtal, CryZtal Sparkle, ESP, ESP Swirl, Jawbreaker, Z Swirl 
Date Approved: 4/19/2021 
Recommended Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Colors Vary More Than "Slightly"

Quick look: color varied way more than expected.

The quality of the disc and how it flies/throws is great as always.

What I am disappointed in is how much the color varied from what was expected.

In the product description, it does warn that "color will vary slightly." However, the color for this varied quite a bit. It was supposed to be a variation of Maroon. The picture of what I selected showed a maroon color and what I got instead was brownish-orange. Pictures included for comparison.

Steven Weyandt
Great disc

This run of scorch was great for me as it had a good amount of turn but soft fade at the end when thrown controlled. Add power or some anhyzer and it holds it to the ground with no harsh crash. Not sure if it's all or just the one I got but it had a good amount of dome to it, which I really like. If you like the scorch this is one worth a try..

John S.

The Scorch is a phenomenal controllable distance driver for everyone. Ever since I started throwing it Ive been suggesting this disc to my disc golfing friends and now a number of them also enjoy this disc. It's great for hyzer flips and turnovers and would probably make a great roller at higher arm speeds