Ledgestone Mystery Box

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The hype is real; the Ledgestone mystery boxes are some of the best in the industry. This time around, you will get 10 mystery discs! This box has a value of over $175, and you can get one for just $99.99! This is a very limited box with only a few hundred in stock for this Finale drop special. Here is what's included in this box:

  • 10 discs

An example of what is in each box is listed below:

  • 5 Vintage Ledgestone LE Discs
  • 5 Discraft or Ledgestone double stamped misprint discs

All of this comes in one box with free shipping! Examples of the discs in this run include the following:

      • Bottom Double Stamped Midnight Zone
      • Z Swirl Wasp
      • Midnight Wasp Tooled Buzzz SS
      • CryZtal Nuke
      • Ben Askren Buzzz
      • Soft Luna
      • Z Metallic Comet
      • Jawbreaker Raptor
      • UV Z Wasp
      • Big Z Hades
      • Z Metallic Meteor
      • Big Z Challenger OS
      • Big Z Banger GT
      • Double Stamped Z Glo Flx Buzzzes
      • Double Stamped ESP Swirl Venoms
      • CryZtal Ringer
      • LSWT Undertaker
      • Big Z Scorch
      • Grateful Buzzz
      • Z Metallic Heat
      • Double Stamped Grateful Buzzz
      • CryZtal Flx Sparkle Zone
      • Big Z Passion
      • Uli Shield Double Stamped discs
      • Jawbreaker Luna
      • Double Stamped Big Z FLX Zone
      • Z Swirl Passion
      • Ledgestone Edition Ti Swirly Buzzz SS
      • Triple Stamped Ledgestone CryZtal Scorches
      • Ti Swirl Focus
      • Z Swirl Tour Series Thrasher
      • Pinwheel Uli Nukes
      • Double Stamped Big Z Reapers
      • Midnight Raptor
      • CryZtal FLX Machete
      • Big Z Hades
      • Double Stamped Ledgestone Midnight Z Buzzzes
      • Big Z Buzzzes
      • Double Stamped ESP Tour Series Flx Buzzzes
      • ESP Swirl Team Ledgestone Buzzzes
      • Z Metallic Avenger SS's
      • ESP Swirl Team Ledgestone Buzzzes
      • Big Z Luna
      • Midnight Raptor
      • Pinwheel Uli Nukes
      • Double Stamped Glo Zones
      • Double Stamped Big Z Surges
      • And more!

    Get them while they are HOT and available!


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 76 reviews
    Anthony Spagnola
    Great for the price point

    Only 3 misprints and all were premium plastics

    Travis Tol
    Mostly meh

    There were a couple cool discs, but there were also a few bad colors and a lot of understable going on. Decent value overall.

    Grant Hinkle
    Great box but….

    I payed for 2 day shipping and it came in 5

    Ron Pierce
    Drivers & X-outs

    Half are x-outs. Lots of drivers. Some mids. No putters. Still worth it.


    This is the second time in the last month I had to EMAIL Ledgestone to have them even ship my order. Both times after a week of waiting my order wasn't shipped until I had to ask them to ship it. What's going on ? It's all automated labeling and orders. It's not hard to ship out a box. Disappointing service.