Ledgestone Mystery Box

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The hype is real; the Ledgestone mystery boxes are some of the best in the industry. This time around, you will get to chose what color discs you want! You also have the option to buy a random color box. Here is what's included in this box:

  • 9 discs 
  • 1 Apparel item (Ledgestone Jacket, Quarter Pull, Pullover, or Iconic Hole Shirt)

NOTE: The color selection is the most important piece for these boxes. If your size is sold out but you want a specific color, purchase the box with the wrong size and include something in the notes about what size you actually want. We will be able to swap in a different apparel item.

An example of what is in each box is listed below:

  • 5 Stock Misprints
  • 4 Additional Discs

In addition, 75 Grand Prize winners will win the following:

  • First 15 people to purchase a box get a Zuca Buzzz Compact Cart
  • Next 15 people to purchase a box get a Zuca Camo Compact Cart
  • Next 25 people to purchase a box get an Upper Park Camo Shift bag
  • Next 20 people to purchase a box get a Bushnell Range Finder

All of this comes in one box with free shipping! Examples of the discs in this run include the following:

      • Midnight Wasp Tooled Buzzz SS
      • Big Z Passion
      • Double Stamped ESP Swirl Venoms
      • CryZtal Flx Sparkle Zone
      • LSWT Undertaker
      • Double Stamped Stock Discs
      • Triple Stamped Ledgestone CryZtal Scorches
      • Ti Swirl Focus
      • Z Metallic Comet
      • Funky Ben Askren Buzzzes
      • Z Metallic Meteor
      • Z Swirl Tour Series Thrasher
      • Z Swirl Wasp
      • Big Z Banger GT
      • Big Z Scorch
      • Z Metallic Heat
      • Uli Shield Double Stamped discs
      • Jawbreaker Luna
      • Double Stamped Big Z FLX Zone
      • Z Swirl Passion
      • Ledgestone Edition Ti Swirly Buzzz SS
      • Pinwheel Uli Nukes
      • Double Stamped Big Z Reapers
      • Big Z Luna
      • Midnight Raptor
      • Big Z Hades
      • Alexis Mandujano Double Stamped Buzzzes
      • Double Stamped Ledgestone Midnight Z Buzzzes
      • Big Z Nuke
      • ESP Stalker
      • Big Z Buzzzes
      • Double Stamped ESP Tour Series Flx Buzzzes
      • ESP Swirl Team Ledgestone Buzzzes
      • DGA Squall
      • Paul McBeth Z Zones
      • Z Metallic Avenger SS's
      • Double Stamped Z Glo Flx Buzzzes
      • ESP Swirl Team Ledgestone Buzzzes
      • Big Z Luna
      • Midnight Raptor
      • Pinwheel Uli Nukes
      • Double Stamped Glo Zones
      • Double Stamped Big Z Surges
      • Big Z Zeus
      • ESP Crank
      • And more!

Get them while they are HOT and available!

Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
Glenn Ingrum
Love the mystery box!

I have ordered the mystery box the past two years and definitely improved my bag and my game. This year I got a bonus with my mystery box. A disc golf bag! So fire!

Rob Isselbaecher

Ledgestone Mystery Box

Scott Hessel
Awesome purple mystery box

Love the purple disc's and a nice shirt as well. A nice variety of discs with a couple of really nice stamps.

Andrew Scalise

Best mystery box I have found! Disc are great and I was lucky enough to get a upper park bag and a zuca cart with the boxes I bought! Awesome price! Definitely will buy again!

Phenomenal mystery box!

Ohhh what can I say? I hit the jackpot on this one and got a cart! My discs were great and t shirt that came, I’ve already worn twice. Got some sick plastics and new discs I haven’t tried yet, as well as a few of my favorites in max weight and new plastic. Definitely buying more mystery boxes from ledgestone!