Greazy Dyes Ledgestone Discs

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Ledgestone and Greazy Dyes have teamed up to do some incredible dyed discs for the 2022 season. With this product we have a wide array of dyed discs available. NOTE: You are selecting your general dye pattern for this release, not the exact disc/foil. The disc you receive will vary from the picture shown. 

Customer Reviews

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Love this disc looks great! Can’t wait to throw it

Christopher Kietz
so nice my son stole it!!

I play disc golf with my 5 year old, and he has his own custom dyed mario disc, well this one is so nice, he stole it. AND I LOVE this disc. I got my first 300ft drive with it, but when I take him I can't even use it, lol

Edward A Belter
They are SUPER!

Love the bubble color. Well done and durable.

Tafe Hemler
Sweet Wasp

This disc is going straight into the bag! Very vibrant colors in a beautiful swirl.

Kevin T. Kroencke
Slick and Greazy

Recently bought three beauties from the Greazy Ledgestone. Finally some eye candy on my two favorite molds. Heat and Buzzz Swirly and ESP . I finally bagged a birdie on @StephenP.WallaceDiscGolfCourse with a awesome driver with the Heat. Thanks.