2024 Tour Series Jawbreaker Z FLX Anthony Barela Venom

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The Discraft Venom is a retooled disc that caters to players with significant arm strength, maximizing distance potential. It is especially suitable for power throwers looking for an overstable and dependable maximum distance driver that can handle headwinds and provide consistent performance. 

NOTE: You are selecting your EXACT DISC. These Jawbreaker Z FLX 2024 Tour Series discs feature two foils, but only the "Player LAST Name" foil is listed.

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Here is the flight chart for the Venom:

Speed: 13
Glide: 5
Turn: 0
Fade: 3
Discraft Stability Rating: 2.1

Weight Range: 150g-174g
Rim Width: 2.2cm
Rim Depth: 1.2cm
Height: 2.0cm
Diameter: 21cm

Disc Use: Distance Driver
Plastic Types: Big Z, D, ESP Tour Series, Z, ESP, Jawbreaker Z FLX, Z Metallic, Z Sparkle, ESP Swirl
Date Approved: 12/26/2022
Recommended Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced, Pro

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Andrew Gentry

Looks great, little gummy, feels good in hand. I cannot wait to go throw this!

Evan Garner
2024 Tour Series

Fantastic feel, and fantastic flight.

Sammy Detweiler

Awesome flight and great feel to it. One of my favorite bombers and one I will definitely be bagging for a long time.

AB Tour Series Venom

Solid and overstable driver, really great for forehand’s. The jawbreaker z flx plastic has nice grip. Also stoked to support AB as he crushes it on the pro tour