What the Pros Throw: Drivers

What the Pros Throw: Drivers

Hey Ledgestne fans! Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to throw what the pros throw? At worst, wouldn’t it be nice to know why and when they throw what they throw so you can learn how to replicate it?

We’ve heard your burning questions and we’d like to help.

We listened closely to Team Discraft to get the best insights into why the pros bag the specific discs that they do. And now we’ve compiled their answers into a succinct database for you to refer back to when choosing your next game-changing disc selection from shopledgestone.com.

Let’s begin with some drivers.

Why should you throw a Discraft Vulture?

Vulture|10, 5, 0, 2


The Vulture is an overstable fairway driver. It is known for its controllability and is generally referred to as a well-seasoned Punisher. The Vulture’s overstability will fight through windy conditions, but maintains enough controllability to fly straight in calm conditions as well.

The Vulture is nice and overstable, but it still glides forward. Even in headwind situations I can get it to glide forward and still finish left (on a right hand-backhand), but it never just hooks left really hard. I have an ESP Vulture that is lighter weight, and a pretty straight-flying Vulture that flies like my Undertakers, making it a really nice turnover disc. The Vulture is going to fill multiple slots in my bag eventually.” 

- Holyn Handley

Why should you throw a Discraft Avenger SS?

Avenger SS|10, 5, -3, 1


The Avenger SS is a controllable fairway driver that can be perfected by all skill levels. As the “super straight” version of the original Avenger, the Avenger SS has stolen its predecessor's popularity. For power throwers, it runs very understable and is a perfect roller disc. For newer to intermediate players it functions as a big distance driver with predictable turn, fade, and superior glide to maximize air time.


This is my roller disc and utility disc a little bit. If I want to be able to throw something that will turn over real quick and get into a roller fast, it’s going to be this guy. It’s going to fight quickly to the right (on a right hand-backhand roller) if I need to roll something around a corner. I’ll also throw this sometimes in the woods if I can’t get a very big runup and I need to juice a forehand. It kind of goes back to my ultimate frisbee days where I can throw a standstill on a hyzer and it’ll give me the most distance by being able to flip up and really carry through.” 

- Brodie Smith

Why should you throw a Discraft Nuke?

Nuke|13, 5, -1, 3


The Nuke has been dominating courses around the globe since 2009 and has become one of the most popular distance drivers in the world. This high-speed driver sports a thick, wide rim and holds its overstability even for power throwers. It is a popular choice for both forehand and backhand shots.


I grab the ESP Nuke anytime I need extra distance. If the fairway is wide open, I’m going to be throwing this. I like it for long anhyzer shots that I can put some turn on and it’ll get the full flight. It goes quite a bit farther than the Zeus, but you need a little more room to work with it.” 

- Paige Pierce

Why should you throw a Discraft Machete?

Machete|11, 4, 0, 4


The Machete is a headwind-fighting, overstable distance driver. Turning this disc over is nearly impossible. It has extreme overstability but still manages to push forward for increased distance with its strong glide. The Machete is perfect for spike hyzers, long flex shots, and getting around corners.


It’s super flat and super overstable. It won’t go nearly as far as the Force, but I absolutely love this disc. If I want a skip shot to really just dig and then go completely sideways, I can throw this on forehand or backhand, and I can use it for spike-hyzers. This is a big utility disc for me whenever I’m scrambling and I need to get something close to the basket.” 

- Brodie Smith

Why should you throw a Discraft Surge?

Surge|11, 5, -1, 3


The Surge is a high-speed driver with maximum glide and a medium-sized rim compared to other drivers in its class. This disc has high-speed turn for stronger arms and a consistent, straight-line flight for slower arms. The Surge’s controllability makes it accessible to multiple skill levels.


They feel nice, they fly nice, they glide nice. I use my beat-in Surge for pop-up sidearm shots, rollers, hyzer-flip shots, and really any shot I want to throw. My newer Surge has a little more stability to it. I use it for longer sidearms that I want to pop up to flat, glide, and hyzer out.” 

- Chandler Fry

Why should you throw a Discraft Anax?

Anax|10, 6, 0, 3


This overstable fairway driver from the Paul McBeth line is known for its wind-fighting abilities and predictable finish. Slower arm speeds will find the Anax to be a reliable disc for shorter drives while power throwers will be able to push maximum distance. Consistency is the Anax’s calling card. 


My favorite mold of all time, and my favorite mold I’ve ever thrown, is the Anax. This was what I used to win at Maple Hill [in 2021] and it works wonders in the woods, so I really enjoy throwing overstable Anaxes. But even better are flippy Anaxes. These things can pop up and ride, are super fun to throw, and always have a little finish. I trust these discs more than anything else in my bag.” 

- Adam Hammes

Why should you throw a Discraft Nuke SS?

Nuke SS|13, 5, -3, 3


This high-speed, wide-rimmed distance driver is the “super straight” version of the popular Nuke. Though wide-rimmed, the Nuke SS can be handled by all skill levels. Its high-speed turn makes it understable, but with a heavy, low-speed fade. A straight-to-understable flight with a predictable finish makes this driver a contender for maximum distance.


It’s a great, understable distance driver straight out of the box. I use this one for big turnovers and tailwind shots. If I’m feeling like I have a little less power that day, I’ll go to this guy and he’ll carry a good amount of distance for me.” 

- Vanessa Van Dyken


Blog by: Jacob Arvidson

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