Ten Questions Series – Ricky Wysocki

Ten Questions Series – Ricky Wysocki

Next up in our ten questions series is Ricky Wysocki, two time World Champion. Ricky was gracious enough to answer some questions regarding his switch to Innova Champion Discs and his thoughts on all things Ledgestone.

Ricky Wysocki

  1. You have had some close finishes at Ledgestone but haven't taken down the title yet. What will it take for you to get over the edge and win the event?
    For me it’s all about my driving at Eureka. I feel like Eureka is a throwers course if you want to score well. So I have to make sure my swing is exactly where I want it entering the week of Ledgestone/Worlds.

  2. Lake Eureka is one of the most punishing courses on Tour. Do you think that kind of course suits your game well?
    Yes Eureka is very punishing for any mistakes you make and it’s very easy to compound mistakes. I think this definitely suits me playing here the last 4-5 years because I know what can happen and I know how to avoid the big number while still playing aggressive.

  3. What makes Ledgestone a special event?
    Ledgestone is an amazing event because of the small town feel of Peoria while still being a large scale event. Also Ledgestone has always lived up to the hype as an event since day 1 and that means a lot for me. It’s just a huge accomplishment for Nate Heinold and a sign of his hard work paying off.

  4. What is your favorite hole at Lake Eureka?
    It has be hole 13 (par 5 over the water). I like it because there is no cheating the hole. You have to throw 3 great drives and a putt to get a birdie 4.

  5. What is your least favorite hole at Lake Eureka?
    Least favorite hole is probably the water tower hole. I personally think it’s a good hole and a great trademark for the course but I just haven’t had a good track record in the past on that hole.

  6. This year Central Illinois will play host to two events: Ledgestone and Worlds. Is that positive for the sport of disc golf?
    I think it’s a positive because we know we are getting a top tier quality event TD and course for both events so I don’t see how it could be bad.

  7. Walk us through your practice routine for an event like Ledgestone.
    So for Ledgestone I definitely try and get a lot of reps in on every hole. I usually try and play at least 3-4 rounds before the event on Eureka. Within these 3-4 rounds I’m throwing 3-4 drives, upshots, and putts on every hole to dial in each aspect of all 18 holes.

  8. How has the transition to Innova been for you?
    The transition has been great. Just throwing discs that I learned with is “definitely a breath of fresh air”. I really believe in the product and everything Innova stands for so that’s the reason for signing a long term (5 year deal). So once I completely lock down my bag and I’m 100% settled in I’m excited to see what I can do.

  9. Stroke and distance is no longer a major portion of the Lake Eureka design. What is your take on stroke and distance OB rules?
    I think there is a place for it on certain holes. I think the last couple tweaks in 2017-2018 have been great so I think if it’s anything like that for 2019 Worlds/ Ledgestone then its going to be a great combination of challenge and risk reward shots.

  10. Is it true that Brady Hanna will no longer return to the event because you keep beating him at mini golf and taking all of his money?
    Possibly! He knows the trip gets more expensive every year because of the mini golf trips. I hope not we want to see him coming back “donating” to the touring pros mini golf hustle fund LOL. Brady is definitely a staple for the tournament and it’s always great to see him out there.

We appreciate Ricky taking the time to answer some questions for us! We’ll wait to see if Brady makes a showing at any of the events this year, but it's good that Ricky can have a little fun!

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