Driving Disc Golf Forward: The new Paige Pierce prototype

Driving Disc Golf Forward: The new Paige Pierce prototype

It’s time to cruise the fairways of your favorite course in style with Paige Pierce’s newest driver.

The 5x World Champion worked hand-in-hand with Discraft to create another gem known as the “Drive”. The Drive joins the Fierce and Passion in Pierce’s lineup of empowering disc names that reflect her as a player. 

Even more empowering are the flight characteristics the Drive brings to the Discraft lineup. It slots in between the Zeus and Surge SS, with the ability to turn and drift for power arms while always maintaining the consistency to fade relatively hard at the end of its flight.

The Drive clocks in at a speed 11, with a glide of 5, a turn of -1, and a fade of 2. Prototype Drives can be found at shopledgestone.com

The Prototype Drive comes in ESP plastic featuring plenty of Discraft’s signature swirls to pair this disc’s brilliance in the air with equally brilliant colors and aesthetic appeal. The ESP plastic provides a tacky feel for increased grip and a stiff rim combines with some slight give in the flight plate for a comfortable feel in the hand.

Adding to comfortability in the hand is the rim width and slight dome. The Drive features a slightly smaller rim than other drivers in its speed class, very similar to Discraft’s Scorch. The official measurements list the Drive with an even smaller rim than the Scorch at 2.1 centimeters wide.

The aforementioned Scorch will continue to be the Drive’s main comparison. With a similar feel, the two molds compliment each other very well. When players need more of a flexing shot and more fade to thread a specific woods line or get around a corner, they’ll reach for the Drive. When a drifting turnover is in play and limiting fade is critical, they’ll reach for the Scorch.

The Drive enters the market following a roller coaster 2023 season for Pierce. The disc golf superstar won two DGPT events early and looked primed to challenge the top of FPO once again, but a season-ending leg injury ended her season. Her new driver is a symbol of her battle and the motivation to push through adversity.

“I’ve had heartbreaking losses and a season-ending injury,” she said. “The only way you are going to move forward or to find joy again is to have drive and to keep trying.”

Pierce went on to call the Drive her “dream” driver which, like the Passion and Fierce before it, she had a hands-on role creating the disc with Discraft. The goal was to create an effortless S-flight without needing to force over a faster driver and risk more punishment from an errant shot.

Team Ledgestone’s Ben Callaway was gracious enough to share his thoughts on Pierce’s new driver as well.

“It flies like an overstable Scorch,” he said. “This disc is going to be perfect for those who don’t quite have the arm capabilities of throwing a Punisher, a Zeus, or a Force.”

Check out the Drive for yourself and see why Pierce, Callaway, and many others are raving about the newest edition to the Paige Pierce Signature Series from Discraft. Pick yours up today at shopledgestone.com.

Blog by: Jacob Arvidson

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