DGLO Plans Improvements for 2024

DGLO Plans Improvements for 2024


Every year after DGLO the event team surveys competitors to find out what the event did wrong and what the event could do to improve for the next year. 35% of this year’s players took part in the survey. After sifting through the data and discussing with the team, the event is releasing some preliminary findings and plans to improve for 2024.

The most common feedback we received in this survey was that players wanted the ability to partake in more side activities, similar to what is provided at Ledgestone. For 2024, we are planning several new activities, including at least 5 Flex C Tier events that will be offered throughout the event week. We also heard from many players who said they wanted larger warmup areas. While some of the courses do not provide a large natural warmup area, we will continue to supplement those courses with throwing nets and will look to add additional nets for 2024.

The survey feedback showed that Amateur players would like to play different courses from year to year. While certain divisions will not see a course schedule change due to the nature of the courses we have available, we are looking into changing up the course schedule where we can to present new courses to our amateur players who keep coming back to the event and want to experience something new. Along with this, we did receive some specific feedback for Black Locust Blue and that some divisions do not believe they should be playing the long tees at this course. We will be evaluating this for 2024 and will be making slight adjustments to the teepads that certain divisions play.

We are also looking at making some new enhancements to our tournament app. For 2024 we will be adding Course TD contact information to the app. In the event a player needs to get a hold of their course TD, this information will now be readily available. In addition, we will be adding additional addresses for all of our event locations, including courses, side activities, etc, with all of this information stored right within our tournament app.

We also have listened to feedback on lost discs and will be doing what we can to address this for 2024. We are looking to get all of the lost discs to one central location so players do not have to travel back to courses they have already played to retrieve lost discs. We are investigating using Holdens, the location of our players party, for this repository.


Continuing on, the event is planning several additional changes for 2024:

· We are looking to add additional food vendors to our showcase courses.

· At a few of our courses, the conditions of some of the bathrooms were not up to our standards, so we will schedule additional cleanings and rent additional bathrooms for our 2024 event.

· Our amateur women have said they would like to play their rounds in the afternoon so they can watch FPO players in the morning. When we are able to do this, we will look to make this change.

· Because of the sandy nature of the Black Locust courses, we will look to provide brooms on the course so the teepads can be swept off.

· We will continue to work with Hudson Mills on the maintenance of the Hudson Mills courses.

· We will look to add additional time to the Thursday check-in so people who cannot make it earlier on Thursday have the ability to check in on Thursday.

· While we did mark the 10M circles at our AM courses this year, that paint begin to fade during the event; we will be marking the circles with whiskers in 2024.

· We will make sure the payout is posted in a more timely fashion for our 2024 event and ensure that the payout depth percentage is communicated earlier to competitors.


We thank everyone for taking the time to fill out the event survey and helping us to make DGLO one of the best events of the year.

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Mike Blinginz Blackford

Thanks for the update. Definitely can’t wait for next year. I’m ready. Definitely appreciate all the effort and strategic organization for a well-rounded good time.

Mike Michalak

MA50+ divisions played long tees at Kensington and short tees at Hudson Original / I believe that should be switched for the Original course at Hudson Mills should be long tees while the Kensington course should be short tees

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