Course Preview: Kennel Lake Sportsmen's Club

Course Preview: Kennel Lake Sportsmen's Club

Story/Photos by Chris Yucus

Where is it? 22172 Kennel Lake Dr, Morton, IL 61550 directions

What is it? Kennel Lake is a private, members-only sportsmen's club. The disc golf course is only open to the public during special events.

Who plays here?

Friday, Aug. 6 - Pool O (MA2a) Long layout.
Saturday, Aug. 7 - Pool P (MA2b) Long layout.
Sunday, Aug. 8 - Pool L (MA4) Short Layout.

Cart Friendly? Yes.

Practice schedule notes: Closed for Flex C Tier Thursday, Aug. 5. Open for practice Aug. 2-4. Kennel Lake is a private, members-only course when not hosting events.

Course breakdown: Par: Shorts - 58, Longs - 60. Length: Shorts - 6,201 feet, Longs - 6,749 feet. Baskets: Discraft Chainstar Pro.

The well-groomed Kennel Lake course offers a healthy mix of open and wooded shots, sometimes both in the same hole. OB comes into play on the edges of the property as well as naturally, in the form of splashing down in the course’s namesake lake.

Signature holes (and holes to watch out for):

Hole 6 -There’s a single access to the heavily guarded green on this 387-foot Par 3, and that’s through the front door. To get there you’ll navigate an early low ceiling off the tee.

Hole 7 - This 505-foot Par 4 starts off with a little room to roam over a grass fairway before finishing downhill into a wooded tunnel crossed by a casual creek.

Hole 16 - Things can sink or go swimmingly on this 572-foot Par 4 that opens with a toss over Kennel Lake. Those who get wet will find a drop zone on the other side of the lake.

Hole 18 (long pin) - The long-pin version of the 515-foot Par 4 final hole offers one last chance to splash down in Kennel Lake as it finishes with an over-the-water approach shot (or drive, for those with a big arm).

Course History: Kennel Lake made its Ledgestone debut in 2015 as a temporary course and became a permanent installation in 2020. It was designed by Kip Taufer and Ledgestone Tournament Director Nate Heinold.

Fun Fact: The 2015 layout and permanent layout share the final four holes.

If you’re hungry, check out: Seasons Gastropub, 149 S. Main, Morton; Firehouse Pizza, 201 S. Main, Morton.

The basket for Hole 6 is guarded by a ring of tall trees, limiting entry to one gap.

After a start in the open, Hole 7 finishes downhill in the woods, across a casual creek.

To get to the green on Hole 18 Long, MA2 competitors will have to clear a large section of Kennel Lake — and a few canoes.

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