Uli Z Swirl Mantis

The Mantis stormed onto the scene in 2013 as Discraft’s Ace Race prototype disc. It quickly became a niche favorite for its controllable, understable flight. This fairway driver can be maneuvered through the woods on several different angles. In addition, its domey flight plate gives extended glide and is famous for adding extra distance with minimal effort. This run sports the custom Paul Ulibarri stamp atop Discraft’s signature swirls in translucent Z plastic, making this Mantis quite visually appealing. The Z Swirl plastic also adds a tackiness to the standard Z grip along with a touch more overstability, bringing predictable fade to the controlled flight. Proceeds from this disc help support Ulibarri’s tour. NOTE: You are selecting your general swirl color with this release, not the exact disc/foil. Here is the flight chart for the Mantis:

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