Uli Tie Dye Hoody

SIZE NOTE: Please read more below on hoody sizes. Ledgestone has teamed up with Paul Ulibarri in the 2021 season to offer exclusive Uli merchandise to support Paul on the road this year. Our newest release are these incredible tie dyed hoodies with the Uli logo on the front and back. We have two different manufacturers for these cotton hoodies:

  • Independent Hoodies: Sky Blue, Black Crystal, Navy Crystal Blue Shield, Flamingo, Navy Crystal White Shield 
  • Gildan Hoodies: Royal Swirl, Charcoal Swirl, Rainbow, Black Red Crystal, Dayglow, Ocean Blue Spiral (order a size up!)

NOTE: While the Independent hoodies run pretty close to true to size, the Gildan hoodies run one size too small.

    Independent Hoody Size Chart

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